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Thread: Shooting cluster bomblets in Iraq

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    Shooting cluster bomblets in Iraq

    Resurrected an old lap top of mine the other day and found some old pics and stuff from my days securing our oil interests

    Did some very interesting shooting "over there", but this was definitely the most fun you can have with a rifle shooting at inanimate objects. The picture shows the actual bomb that i shoot in the video. The pic was taken at 10 yards from the direction i shoot from, did the shooting at 150 yards and it became difficult to see the target with a 4x SUSAT! Just follow the Youtube link to see the vid.

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    the third ones the charm eh simmo?

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    Good shooting, looks like good fun. Glad to see it's an american cluster bomb too, BLU 97.

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    Beats those exploding clay pigeons!!! ........ & another small portion of landscape safer.
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