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Thread: 30mm high rings for cz601

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    30mm high rings for cz601

    Looking for 30mm high mounts to mount my new scope. Ideally I would get hilver steel ring mounts but cant find them. I have used these mounts before and have faith in them.
    If I cant source these what are my best options?

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    Have you tried contacting the Optics Warehouse? They normally have Hilver mounts in stock and are a pleasure to deal with.

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    Dont want to jump on your thread mate but Im looking for a set of the same mounts. They seem to be like rocking horse poo, leupold do a set of mounts for a cz550 which I think will do if you get stuck. Cheers Owain.

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    I have a set of 30mm High mounts for the CZ 600, wanted them for the new S&B 56mm I have just bought but they are too high, need mediums instead. I would be happy to swap them for some 30mm med mounts or I'm sure some sort of cash arrangement could be made, I have used them once for zeroing but cant get the reticle down enough due to being too high.

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    im mounting a 56 so if its too high for you probs too high for me? what make you got?

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    Have a ZKK601 mounting a 2.5-10x56 S&B using Millets BN00020 mounts, (18mm high), any help?

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    I have a CZ550 with a 30mm S&B 8x56 on it. Macavoys at Standish got the 30mm high mounts and after ringing round Malmo guns at Lancaster also stock these.

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