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Thread: Lincoln lightweight 20bore

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    Lincoln lightweight 20bore

    Hi All,

    Last year in an attempt to keep my dad shooting as long as possible,(he has arthritus in his hands and shoulders) I bought a Lincoln lightweight 20bore (he can no longer lift his B25) this gun is seriously light (i think about 5.25lbs) I took him out to shoot some clays but he couldn't pull the trigger so i sent it to a mate and had the trigger lightened he took it out once more and he can shoot it now but he struggles to open it and has resigned himself to the fact he will have to call it a day.
    So we had a chat today about selling it and I think he would be happier letting it go to some one that would get some use out of it.

    For the record, this is quite a specialist little gun, you couldn't shoot anything above 21gm cartridges in it unless you like getting kicked.

    If any of you have a use for something like that give me a pm. it's as new and has probably had 75 shots through it, multi choke with a case,


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    I just bought one of these for my clay club. Cracking little gun for kids and ladies as it is quite short too. We use 21g loads and have had no complaints. I paid 620 for mine new. I would recommend one but you should get the trigger put back to original if intended for beginners to use. Where are you please as I might get another!?

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    Hi Monkey spanker, I'm in shropshire, not far from Minsterley ranges,

    I bought this one Through the trade and i thought i paid over 700 for it but i'll have to check the recipt when i'm next at Dads.
    If your near me or if your passing by sometime then let me know,

    All the best, Ezzy

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    Lincoln 20

    Just read your first post again! Mine is fixed choke and would therefore have been substantially cheaper than yours! I spend thousands each year at the local shop too so I get some good deals.
    Have a bump for a cracking little gun!

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