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Thread: would you or would'nt you?

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    would you or would'nt you?

    Hi Guys,I was out this morning hoping to bag a doe or a fox,I saw plenty of roe but it was" so still" and the ground was rock hard it was like walking on "egg shells",The deer were very spooky,I was crossing a burn,watching my feet i didnt notice a fox crossing a field infront of me,Before i knew it the fox was at full pelt,just one of those mornings i suppose.Then on my back to my vehicle i spot 5 roe feeding on the edge of a field,I crouch down to deploy the legs on my bipod thinking to myself "Lucks in" only to see 2 people watching them from the public footpath.Needless to say i didnt take the shot,There for another morning.I was just wondering would you take the shot or leave like i did.The shot would of been perfectly safe shooting away from the 2 people and with a safe backstop,They were about 400 to 500 yards away also but i didnt want to kick up a stink with the locals.
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    Well I think you did the right thing theres no need to get S*** for the sake of it.
    I was out with amyoung guy on friday on the range before we went to take a stag and 2 walkers came up the hill towards us. Rifles down had a friendly chat with them little banter and they were on there way. We saw then 2hr later on the way up to the deer and they were again very friendly. But not every one is like this.
    I take my hat of to you

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    Although perfectly reasonable to take the shot I would opt for not taking the shot. Just one of those things I suppose, like you say always there for another day and not worth the argy bargy that might follow.

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    You made the wise choice IMO. Better luck with your next outing.

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    Best left alone, I've been in the same situation and left them for another day. No use upsetting Joe public and 'showing off' for the sake of one deer, even though you would have been perfectly legal to do so, they might still have called the Police and caused you some bother.

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    No chance. Plenty other days. Perfectly legal, perfectly safe but the chances of that one shot giving you more hassle than you want........

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    I think you done the right thing there use annoying people if it can be avoided

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    Absolutely no way. If not just to keep the peace, but I also wouldn't wish to spoil those people's day, they probably really enjoyed watching the deer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza View Post
    No chance. Plenty other days. Perfectly legal, perfectly safe but the chances of that one shot giving you more hassle than you want........
    + 1.

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    You did the right thing, there is always another occasion and anyway it can be very distracting to try and shoot in front of an audience.atb Tim

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