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Thread: Long follow up due to snow.

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    Long follow up due to snow.

    I've just taken delivery of my 7mm08, I wanted to keep things simple and cheap with this rifle, no moderator and factory ammo but the cost and low selection of ammo was prohibitive. Anyway I managed to pick up some well priced Lee Pace Setter dies and some cheap .308 brass (a lot cheaper than 7mm08 brass) and got to work with some Sierra 140 grain Pro Hunters.
    The .308 brass necked down very easy with a quick run through the FL die and I had two powders to choose from, viht n140 and Varget. Like I said I wanted to keep things simple so I picked 2700 fps in the book and loaded up 6 of each powder, 40 grn n140 and 40.9 Varget. If they grouped under an inch that was my load development done.

    Varget came out tops.

    So I packed up my kit and went in search of a deer.
    I parked up the truck next to the river ford, stuck my knife in my pocket and headed for the nearest wood, heading for an entry down wind. It wasn't long before I could see some deer in the wood and they were moving out into the fields just up ahead. A mother and two kids, one of each. The doe kid was on the menu for today so I got up on the sticks and steadied ready for the shot. The doe kid presented a nice broad-side so I sent the pill on its way. She kicked out and ran, it was just starting to snow. I reloaded and went to look for the out shot. I came across the blood trail before finding the out-shot so started to follow it, the snow was really coming down now and starting to cover the trail and it wasn't long before I had lost it completely. Only one thing to do, start working in outward growing semi sircles from the last known blood spot, something I didn't really want to have to do because the snow was getting down my neck while I was looking down at the floor :blink: . I found the doe after about 2.5 hours of working the grid, she had made it to a bit of dead-fall and collapsed under it. Why do they always do that

    The gralloch revealed a perfect lung shot, the prohunter had expanded well and left me a nice 2" hole on the exit.
    Very rewarding finding this doe when I thought the snow was going to foil me. I'll catch up with her brother in April.
    The rifle is a Tikka M595 Hunter in 7mm08 with Leupold glass, an excellent bit of hardwear. I'm liking this moderator-less stalking, so much easier on the shoulder and the rifle feels a lot handier. No way is this rifle getting screw cut.
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    great stuff steve nice to get out in the snow and have a look about

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    Tikka 595s really do take some beating.. When desperate, i necked up some .243 brass with no real problems, i did split a couple of cases being a bit ham-fisted but the ones which did neck up shot perfectly well and showed no splitting etc. What do you think to the 7mm08 as a calibre then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingfisherman View Post
    What do you think to the 7mm08 as a calibre then?
    Hard to say just yet asI've only put half a dozen rounds through it and shot 1 deer. First time I've been shooting 'sans mod' also. First impressions are good, it grouped at .75 inch with no load development and has a mild recoil. More experimentation required to see how it fares against my old 695 Swede.
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    Ive just been out with mine after cleaning it to see how its clean cold bore shoots. put 3 through the same hole at 100yds. Not that i think 7-08 is the most accurate calibre but it does everything a .308 will pretty much with less recoil and better ballistics.

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    I shot my 7-08 un-moderated last season. When out in the woods it was a charm. I nearly popped my 6x42 swaro on top but that was one step too far.

    Varget and the 08 go hand in hand.

    Glad it is working for you.

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