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    Another typical Days stalking for me yesterday.

    Up at 5.15am take the dogs for a quick run around the field, then loaded my gear and a forty minute drive down the M5 to some ground of mine in the Cotswold's.
    At first light I'm crawling over a very wet field with a nice covering of cow sh*t. Only to find as it gets lighter the roe doe I'm after is a buck, nice start.
    Back to the truck wet and stinking, a quick drive down to the next farm. The wind has stopped and its warming up bit this is more like it.
    I get to the top of a steep valley and spot three does on the opposite side perfect. I have to backtrack to the other end of the valley and come over the top on the other side, perfect approach just in time to see them walk through a gap in the hedge onto next door

    Right morning done back up the M5 to do some highseat maintenance on some Munty ground by home.
    Right I'm now up a high seat and going to put some pipe lagging around the top rail, easy enough, I'll just trim the end off the lagging, Oh a chance to use my posh new Rory Conner knife the one I've coveted for years. Cut the lagging ok the trimmed bit starts to roll, i grab it with both hands one of which is holding my knife . With my finger wrapped up I get down the seat and do the other jobs and then home for a plaster at least my new knife is sharp.
    Walk the dogs, bit of dinner, remember to speak to the missus (somebodies got to feed the dogs).
    Right nice sunny afternoon so I load "Max"my pointer in the truck and off up the road to try and find a Munty.
    A long walk to get to the spot I want to be, sit on the roesack just as the wind starts to howl and then it starts to pi** down, great After an hour of sitting in weather where no sensible Muntjac is gonna come out onto a big open ride in its just about too dark to see. Max is looking at me as if I'm nuts (probably right) so home again.
    Buy the missus a takeaway as a peace offering for putting up with me.

    Not the most successful of days but I wouldn't change it for the world.


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    Don't you just love it when a plan comes together


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    Sounds like the days i normally have


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    Over the Christmas holidays I took three trips to my stalking ground, total of 420 miles and seven hours driving. I spent about 10-12 hous sitting out looking for a suitable Sika.

    The net result for the effort was one Sika pricket.

    It was great.

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    This sounds all too familiar

    My last couple of stalking trips have ended up much the same - much effort expended for precious little result, one fallow resulting from three outings.

    Still, it's a lot better than being stuck in the office


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    I can definately relate. I am lucky if I can muster 1 deer for every 3 or 4 trips out. Never set off feeling as if a result is a certainty. Mind you occasionally the gods are smiling and you get thrown a blinder Maybe yours is just around the corner.
    (reminds me of a difficult fox we had to deal with. Took several trips to find it and get it in a shootable range, just set up on sticks and skies opened, downpour so heavy couldnt see a thing. Off went old reynard )

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    Great write up Wayne

    Had me ing right from the start, nice to know its not just me.

    My GWP is Max also and yes he gives me those looks as well, guess he's the smart one


    "No he cant type"

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    Hey up Wayne, not like you to draw a blank mate I took Andy and Nick off the site this weekend to West Sussex.

    We got lucky with the weather, result over 3 outings 5 Roe doe's, including Andy's second only deer and his first Roe. My Bavarian Todd worked a treat, really made up with him I hope Nick will tell the tale.

    Keep well Wayne, speak soon i hope.

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    I once travelled 150miles and a 1hr ferry trip to find I forgot my bolt

    Also got up at 2am drove 1hr then walked for 1hr, went to load the 270 magazine and had 20 norma 243 in my pocket!

    I'm not admitting to any more

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    I know the feeling, but then the next time you go out they are all out and it's hard to choose where to go and which to shoot.

    Swings and roundabouts!!

    Bambislayer, that made me laugh, only forgotten the bolt once, never again! next time it was the Binos!!!!

    New policy is to keep it all in the truck, that way nothing is forgotten!!

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