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Thread: Silicone Lubricant

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    Silicone Lubricant

    Having a bike mechanic on the site where I live and work is a good thing!

    There is a really good silicone based lubricant designed for mountain bike forks which repels water, reduces stiction, seals and lubricates and does not have the often gunky residues from oil based lubes. It is from Fenwicks, and is a suspension formula. It is excellent for rifle bolts, and other moving parts on both rifles and shotguns.


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    This lubrication is designed for fork stiction so the rubber seals can move up and down on the fork stanchions smoothly the problem is it gives no metal to metal lubrication the only other thing it is good for is putting on your car door seals in winter to stop your door freezing to your seal,

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    Gt85 dry lube is great for rifles.
    No oily residue to attract muck!

    Also good for keeping metal rust free

    UK Guy

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