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Thread: Wrong animal to the caller

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    Wrong animal to the caller

    Went out with the guy who had the FoxPro off stevenicknacks we set it up alongside a tree and when't and set are self's up in empty farm house which I had two fox from this morning baited the area again for the afternoon started the caller and watched a fox come out of the woods and started running across the field only to stop and turn away and run back into the woods we look at each other and wonder what that was about and then from around the side of the farm house three lads came running to the caller they had been ferreting the bank to the right of us in a ditch I had alook around and I did not see them in the ditch but we were up stairs so safe, two lads had the spades up in the air thinking it was a fox killing a rabbit they were fooled by the caller set on young rabbit call we both laugh until I had tears and shouted out ofthe window to the lads that they were trying to find the fox killing the rabbiit was a caller to bring foxes in, when't down to speak to lads and they said from their position it sound real we all had a laugh ask how they were doing, had three rabbits, we must be all crazy being out in the snow a good afternoonfor the lads three rabbits to them 0 foxes to us but we had a laugh in the pub later, just said to steve should of had my camera was funny.
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    That's hilarious, I can just imagine it.....Ive got a couple to add one from a while
    back and one for the other night...First one...

    We were out lamping on a permission of mine a couple of years back and could see some lightacross the way on other field that was not ours. The Foxpro caller was way offapx 150 yards down the field with a screaming rabbit call on. The lamp light gotcloser so we knocked the call off. When the lampers got to around 400 yards offI switched the call to the Mountain Lion call that I still had on the memory, its a loud call and like nothing you would hear in the UK....Not for these 2though, they decided it must have been one of those big cats we all read aboutand started to squeak it in...We were in tears listening to their efforts, so Iswapped it again to the bear call...They went quiet for a while and then startedcalling for it again...I have to say my camo pants were a bit damp that nightand it wasn't the ground

    the 2nd was a couple of nights back. Itappears that I have mice in my garage, id noticed some droppings etc but hadn't
    got around to getting a trap/ I was in the garage with a dim lighton waiting for my mate to pick me up for lamping. I was setting the Foxpro upand just for a laugh switched it to mouse squeaker...I swear on my life thatwhen I looked towards my work unit I saw a shadow, then around the corner poppeda field mouse..I couldn't believe it...Goes to show how realistic the sounds arethough..

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    I'd loved to have seen their faces when they heard the cat call!

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    I think the bear gave it away in the end

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevienicknacks View Post
    I think the bear gave it away in the end
    Just a little!

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    I've stalked duck decoys a few times and know of a few guys that have shot them. Not that sporting when they can't even fly!

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