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Thread: Tuesday -Friday Night ....Graphic pics

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    Tuesday -Friday Night ....Graphic pics

    My mate Wull had got a new scope (8x56 s and b) just before crimbo that Id zero'd for him before I took unwell ,but while I was out of action he hadnt managed to blood it so to speak ,so after getting my first kills in of the year while out on sunday with another mate (my first night out ofthe year )he was a we bit pee'd off Well on tuesday night the tables turned on our first night on a new permission another mate (our pilot) got for us to shoot.After lmping a few fields with no luck we spot a pair of charlies in a paddock on wulls side so game on he takes out the vixen at 70 yds but what we assume was the dog gets through the fence and makes off but stops at 130yds only for Wull to fluff the shot .

    Onto friday and back to the new permission and again Wulls in luck as charlie is on his side after a squeak charlie comes running in to about 70yds but then decides against it and hightails it away until it reached about 105yds when wull decides on a 'texas' down goes no2 on new permission.
    A visit to another few farms afetr that see me actually get a pair of charlies in my sights at about 200yds uphill away but continually moving thru the ferns I decided they'd keep for another day rather than take a snap shot and educate them.So time to head homeward(1 permission to go on route) as time was getting on and I was working today ,a charlie runs across the road from the big local estate into 1 of the fields on our right that wee dont even usually lamp as its of the main road so in the gate and there it is going away again so and just as its about to make a dip in the ground that would of lost us it Wull again does a 'texas' and his third of the week is bagged.

    Onto the last permission till it was time for bed and nothing in the first few fields then as Im lamping downwards towards a wee copse my mate noticed charlie silhoutted out the side off his eye up hill to the right so a quick reverse and up the hill we find charlie going away from us this time on my side but the git never presented a safe shot So I ended up blanking ,luck wasnt with me atol but thers always next week
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    Well done lads........a good read and a good pic to go with it

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    Good on you guys, keep knocking them down
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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