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Thread: Stalking sticks: Newbie question

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    Stalking sticks: Newbie question

    I have my DSC.1 in June.

    I have never shot off sticks, though I am an experienced long range target shooter off a bipod.

    Are purpose-built shooting sticks worth the money, or would improvised ones be of equal value but at lower price?

    What brand would the forum recommend?

    maximus otter

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    A couple of green sticks from bq strapped together
    Atb Steve

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    I am 6'6" tall and shop bought stick are just not high enough, I have two B&Q garden poles with a cut down milking cup that I can slide up and down to set the height, I have also put a few castration rings around each pole to stop them clattering together.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    It is surprisingly easy to shoot off sticks. Prior to my DSC1 I had only shot prone, bench rest or freehand. Don't worry about it too much.

    +1 on the B&Q Garden Canes, extremely sturdy and cheap.

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    i have two sets of expensive knobloch sticks guess what i made a cheap set from b/q love em much better

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    +1 for the plastic covered garden canes. You can get them in several lengths and thicknesses. I have had mine for years and love them. I went for the Blue Peter/Boys Own Magazine jobbie..... I cut the points off the bottom and glued walking-stick rubber feet on. I pushed about six inches of rubber heater hose (car) onto and over the top end of them to protect the rifle stock. A packet of rubber grommets as used by electricians at intervals to stop them clicking together and the rubber holder for a lorry exhaust pipe to keep them together. Just to top it off I wrapped them with the fabric cammo tape. You can't beat a home-made lash-up that really works. I have a set of bought triple sticks that usually stay at home, although being telescopic, they are good for shooting when seated.

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    Being a Yorkshireman and a joiner by trade a piece of 38x20 without knots (tile batten) cut down the center and a kitchen cabinat M&f bolt about 6inches down round the corners cut to length cheap as chips and no drama if you lose them.

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    Two Hazel sticks and a piece of bicycle inner tube to hold them together.
    I also use a length of trailing rope, when stood upon, to act as a third leg.
    This can also be used as a drag rope when neccessary.

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    If you click your mouse on the search forum box,fill in the text box with "shooting sticks" or variations of this,choose the option to select "search threads", & you will pull out loads of replies that will help you, Steve.
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    Thanks to one and all for helping out a newcomer.

    It looks like it's garden poles, then!


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