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Thread: Well that wo different

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    Well that wo different

    Just out on my evening dog walk and decided to go a bit further than normal due to it being like the middle of the day with the snow on the ground and the lights from the A1.
    Walking past the end of a small wood and about 50 yards away out in a field is a fox stood looking straight at me. I nelt down and sat the dogs down and started calling. The fox ran away 30 yards or so and stoped. Called again but higher pitched and loader and he set off running at me like a train.
    When he got to within about 30/40 yards a rabbit got up under his nose and headed for the wood at which point my terrier saw the rabbit and gave chase into the wood. The next thing Mr fox reappears out of the wood with my terrier snapping at its heals.
    Iv just in having fetching her back from the next county. Deffinatly not how I'd planned to spend my evening.


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    At least you had a good walk

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    Be thankful it didn't bite her. I was walking my terrier a couple of years ago, and as usual he jumped into a gorse bush, having caught a scent. Usually he'll flush a pheasant or maybe a hare, but on this occaision he found a fox. I heard lots of growling and scuffling followed by a loud yelp and the fox shot out like gresed weasel wotzit with Sinbad in hot pursuit. The fox got away and Sinbad game back with his head already starting to swell. The fox had managed to get nearly all of Sinbad's head in his mouth. The top canine had gone in just in front of his left ear, and the bottom canine had gone in between his jaw bones. By the time we got home, about half an hour later, his left eye was shut and his head had swolen like a football, Thank God for pet insurance. Treatment was nearly 200.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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