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Thread: Will Snow Stop Munty From Comming Out To Play

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    Will Snow Stop Munty From Comming Out To Play

    A friend of mine rang me yesterday lunch time did I wanft to go munty stalking on sunday. I have shot plenty of roe and red few fallow.Now I have never shot a munty and I do not claim to have much experience with them at tall. By 7pm we have had a good 4" of snow. So by 10 Dave called to say wait till monday instead.

    Now my question is in Scotland where I shoot roe and if the snow is 4/5" we never seem to see the deer, so is this the same with munty deer or do they come out to feed any weather

    Cheers Guys I would be interested to know

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    not if you have plenty of bramble and the feeders have still got wheat in them for the phezs, lay up in the cover then out for a snack on the feeders ,hoping to get out this afternoon .

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    No. Munty need to feed every 4 hours or so. It'll make them harder to approach though cos they can hear you coming a mile off, consequently you might not see as many. They will be out though.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    How many photo's do you want? I took plenty last year when the snow was deep and crisp and even. I did find quite a few dead mind, seems they just can't handle prolonged cold weather.


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    I was out this morning and, whilst we didn't see any roe, we saw 4 muntjac moving about. They were in the woods, but the snow didn't seem to have put them off too much. As said above, they still need to eat. What I think makes it tougher stalking in the snow is the crunch and the low-level vibration as your boots break through the crust and compact the snow. With the snow deadening any other sound, it seems like every footfall comes from an elephant!

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    8-12 inch lying on my ground for the past 10 days..........roe very difficult to find at the moment.

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    I find muntjac hate the cold and keep on the move in the cold. Having said that if you have large areas of bramble they often stay in that moving from patch to patch.

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    off out in a bit so keep my fingers crossed

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    As far as Im awear we will be walking to high seats so I its in the lap of the gods. If it freezes hear tonight we will have to be there early. For the noise we will make
    But thanks to all there is a good chance I will see something

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    They'll be in cover (particularly if the wind is blowing) if there's any chance of food - otherwise they will come out but be fairly restless. As has been said, it's probably a day for waiting up, rather than trying to close up on them - as well as the crunch of footsteps, the sound seems to echo.

    Just got in myself and the ones I saw were tucked into some hazel thickets or lying up in the reeds.


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