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Thread: Which Muck Boot

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    Which Muck Boot

    Ive decided to go for a pair of muck boots but which would you recomend. I've narrowed it down to 3 choices ( Avon, Spey and Torray) im assuming all three will be the same as in warmth but they need to be compfy to drive the 4x4 in. Any good or bad experiances ?

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    I bought a pair of muck boots called the original muck boot co , while out roost shooting yesterday pm i stood in a ditch for over an hour wich was a mixture of frozen water and mud and i couldnt believe that my feet were so warm , i will never go back to the hunters again and they are garaunteed for a yr

    not cheep at 75.00 but worth every penny

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    Hiya mate i have a pair of muck boots but none of the 3 your looking at. I have a pair of TAY muck boots. I have had them for around 8 months now and can say i am impressed. They are a wellie suited to colder conditions as if its not cold enough your feet sweat like hell. I walk alot in mine and find them alot more supportive than hunters are. If you have larger calf's they will be a tight fit so beaware of this.
    I know 2 people who have sent the avon boot back because of the sole wearing away one after 3 months the other 6 months. Personally i would steer away from those.
    I chose the tay as the rubber is higher on them and more supportive.
    I am very funny when it comes to wellies and.can honestly say these have been better than hunter/chameau upto know.
    Hope it helps mate.
    Ps if its only between the 3 your on about then the spey would be my choice.
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    +1 for the 'Tay'
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    I have a pair of Muckboot Tay and my wife has Tack. The Tay boots are very warm and good to walk in. I've used them for wildfowling which entailed sitting around on the snow for several hours and didb't have cold feet at all. they're not to bad to frive in. The Tack boots are much easier to drive in because the soles are less chunky and meant for horse-related things. All Muckboots are brilliant though - I'd recommend them
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    bad choice go for the tay all the time more support better sole ie better grip comfort is the main thing in my book and would recomend them all the time

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    Ive got LaCrosse Alpha boots , the comfiest boots ive ever had
    i wear them most of the time for stalking and find i can walk quieter in them than
    any of the squeaky leather stalking boots ive had
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    Another +1 for the Tay. They are toasty warm (sometimes too warm) and they've stood up well to all the abuse over the last year.

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    I have Tay Sports. Fantastically warm and comfortable and fit my wide feet and calves. BUT they are mostly neoprene and the rubber foot is simply dipped so is very thin over the neoprene. I've ripped mine in the undergrowth both on the neoprene and rubber. Terrible grip on wet chalk too.
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    mmmm ok lads may have to go and try a pair of tay's thanks for the input

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