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Thread: Fog !!! safety

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    Fog !!! safety

    Got up this morning hopeing to get out round some feeders now pheasent shooting is over.
    Fog has come down since dawn it was less than 200yds now its down to less than 100
    I consider less than 400 to 500 min safe what do others think?

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    A lot would depend on how well i know the ground i was shooting , most of the time we shoot our deer at less than 100m so 200m visability would be fine .
    In fact some difficult deer have met there demise under the cover of fog but it does make the report from the rifle very loud .
    How often du you have 200m visability when woodland stalking ?

    Go for it

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    If you were shooting inside forestry or woodland would you be thinking the same

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    I do not shoot in fog at all but I am on generally flat lowland and a recreational stalker. I think we must all judge what is safe in our own particular circumstances on the day. If in the slightest doubt, there will be another day.

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    U Norm Im with you forgot to say its mostly field roe and as flat as a pancake here.

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    "If in the slightest doubt, there will be another day"


    A safe Backstop is just as safe in the fog as on a clear day, As long as you can clearly see the deer, and the backstop then you should be safe. Never shoot where you can't see. I find that it is easier to get close in to deer in the fog anyway as long as you pick your stalks.

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