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Thread: Big Dog Fox

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    Big Dog Fox

    Was out two nights ago on a permission where i had seen a fox maurading across the adjoining land a week ago. Anyway taking advantage of the upcoming full moon i thought i would sit out a little later after i had finished stalking. Glad i did as something caught my eye coming from the left. A quick climb onto the back of the truck and flick on the illuminated dot. He just had time for a cock of the leg before i hit him hard. Dont normally do write ups but was impressed by the size of this big boy. Still no match for the 87 v max!!

    atb steve

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    Good one to get Steve, condition looks really good, around here at the moment I think we are getting the worst ones yet, 3 legged and mange, seems to be the order of the day on strange charlies at the moment.
    ATB Phil

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    Nice one mate, I was out this Friday night rabbiting with the 17hmr and my partner in crime! shot a rabbit about 70 yards away and as we drove towards it to pick it up the lamp showed up a fox about 250 yards away so got closer and put the FoxPro on, shot him about 60 or 70 yards straight through the eye, nice dog fox,

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That does look a good solid beast
    I hav shot quite a few big foxes this year both dog & vixens
    Seems like they are all getting bigger than I would normally expect
    This is a dog fox from a week or so ago

    And this is a good vixen
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    Nice one mate, getting a few big'ens from round your way. Was he on a par with that big lad i got?
    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    The photo don't do him justice. His neck was solid. That rifle barrel is 24 " plus the atec utra mod extends another 6" .
    Nice size foxes there lads
    Atb Steve

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    I think the pic shows his size just fine
    I wish at times I put something there to compare size with
    This was a really good dog fox... Not lengthy but deep and solid with a bit of weight to him

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