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Thread: Which rifle

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    Which rifle

    Thinking of geting a 308
    Now should i just buy a new rifle or sell my sako 75 243 and buy a blazer with2 sets of barrells
    Your thoughts would be appreciated
    ATB Graham
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    never sell a sako! add another!

    seriously though, all good with switch barrels, etc. but if you damage the rifle in any way you'll be without one altogether whilst the smith fixes it(if you only have 1 of course),,,if you have two you never get caught out completely.

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    I swapped my Sako 243 for a used Blaser 223 and then added a new 7-08 barrel. I love my new gun and calibres but it hasn't made me shoot or kill any better just nice to own. However the meat damage is a lot cleaner with the 7-08, less bloody jelly. Other that one fallow I have only used it on roe and muntjac, I'd like to try it on reds or a boar!

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    You can probably buy a second Sako foe less money than trading the 243 in and buying a new Blaser with two barrels saddle mounts etc.

    That said, the Blasers are great. I am sorely tempted to dispose of a couple if Sako's and add another Blaser to the safe. Switch barrel guns are not a cheap route to two calibres.

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    sold my sako 75 243 for a blaser r8 in 243 now want the 308 barrel.they arn,t cheap but you get what you pay for. 3 shots same hole at 100 yards with home loads. top of with a z6i .

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    I bought a Blaser R8 in .243 with a view to buying a .308 barrel when funds permit. Do try a Blaser before buying, I really like the straight pull action but some people don't get on with them.atb Tim

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    Blaser all the way. I have had dozens of different rifles and lately a few custom builds thinking that was the only way to go, now bought a Blaser and i would never go back! They are awsome!
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    I was in the same position I sold both 75s tried a r8 243 bought it needed a 308 bought a barrel & mounts added a couple z6is very expensive move but no regrets top bit of kit

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    I changed to a Blaser last year, I have 243 and 6.5X55 barrels for it and just this morning my variation for ma 7X57 barrel arrived , I quite like the myself, an awesome bit of kit in my opinion.
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    I'm just wondering how all you (lucky) blaser owners find them in terms of reliability? A good bolt action is basically bullet proof, so can the Blaser straight pull live up to a bolt action in terms or reliability?

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