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Thread: Empty Hogdon 1lb Cannisters

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    Empty Hogdon 1lb Cannisters

    Has anybody found a good use for the empty Hogdon Cannisters ?
    They seem too good to throw away but I had a tidy up in my garage last week and now find I have thirty of them spare.
    I have cut the top off of several and used them for holding my bullets, labelled up they look quite tidy on the shelf but I can only use so many.
    I have put ten back just in case I think of something later on but the others need to go, any ideas?

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    i used to have two spare one for dirty fired cases and a second for cleaned and primed cases it just kept them all together instead of stroned around the house

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    I keep brass in them.
    Oh and a couple in my fishing bag with trout pellets in them.


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    Good ideas, ive got a load floating about and wondered exactly the same..

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    Latex gloves

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    feeding the chickens!! ha!

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