Driven Hunting Poland November 2012

I have been given the opportunity to put together a group of hunters, for a driven hunt in Poland in November 2012. The opportunity has come from a Danish friend who organises several driven hunts in Poland every year and has recommended this organisation to me. The hunting is of high quality and also the organisation is first class, which is of utmost importance when it comes to the enjoyment of a driven hunt. There is also the possibility to shoot Red Deer, Roe Deer and Predators as well as Wild Boar, which will add some variety to the hunting.

Location ~ Knieja Olsztyn
Three Hunting Areas ~ 13,000 HA (9,000 HA Forest)
Yearly Cull ~ 20 Red Stags / 50 Red Hind or Calf / 300 Wild Boar / 100 Roe
Number of Hunters: 16


Arrive PM Wednesday 21st November 2012

Hunt Thursday 22nd November 2012
Hunt Friday 23nrd November 2012
Hunt Saturday 24th November 2012

Depart AM Sunday 25th November 2012

€1,750 per hunter


3 x Driven Hunting Days (6 – 10 Drives per Day)
4 x Nights Accommodation
All Meals in Hunting Area
42 – 49 Pieces of Game (Shot or Wounded)
Transport During the Hunt
Airport Transfer (4 Hours)
Preparation and Evaluation of Trophies
Traditional end to the Hunting
Red Deer Hind / Calf
Roe Deer Doe / Calf
Wild Boar Sow / Piglet / Boar up to 18cm
5 x Red Deer Stags up to 5 KG


21 – 41 Pieces of Game (Shot or Wounded)
Price drop to € 1,600 per hunter


50 – 61 Pieces of Game (Shot or Wounded)
Price rise to €1,850 per hunter

61 < Pieces of Game (Shot or Wounded)
Price rise to €1,950 per hunter

*** Boar > 18cm € = 50 % of Pricelist

*** Red Stags ~ Number 1 – 5 over 5 KG (50% of Pricelist)

*** Red Stags ~ Number 6 / 7 / 8 etc if they are taken (50% of Pricelist)

NB *** Trophy Extras will be added up at the end of the hunt and divided by the number of hunters. This way if your luck is in and you shoot a nice trophy it won’t break your bank. A quote made by an experienced driven hunter to me was the following “Driven hunting is far more enjoyable for yourself if you can enjoy the success of others as well as your own.” I hope that this will be the case for this trip.

Air Flights to Warsaw

If you wish to book and reserve your place an initial deposit of €750 Euros will be owed. This will be refundable should we not be able to get a group together.

There are 15 places left. I have booked the 1st place.

Any questions please feel free to PM me.

Kind Regards