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Thread: Whats your Strangest Shot

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    Whats your Strangest Shot

    One time I was out with a client and he shot a stag pretty good in the ribs the stag went down, but 50 yards to the right a fallow buck went down too, two beasts with one shot and a complete right angle turn with the bullet, amazing really.

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    On a different scale entirely, I took a 25-yard head shot at a grey squirrel years ago with my Weihrauch HW35 in .177", using flat head wadcutter pellets. The squirrel flinched, then resumed normal activity. I assumed a clean miss, with the squizzer having been momentarily alarmed by the sound of the pellet hissing past his head.

    I moved closer and settled matters with a second pellet to the heart.

    On examination of the corpse, I found that the first pellet had neatly pierced both ears!

    I have a 35mm slide of the deceased which I took as I didn't quite believe what had happened myself.

    maximus otter

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    The first pigeon I ever shot with a shot gun was plucked in the field due to eagerness and youth. I plucked everything right up to the neck and still hadn't found a mark on it. I then plucked the head and found a single pellet hole straight between the eyes.


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    a vixen whilst out shooting rabbits with a 22 and subs she was lying down in the field about 50 yrds away watching us .i took aim at her head pulled the trigger she never moved but her eyes closed i picked her up looking for the bullet hole in her head nothing on skinning it the bullet went right up her right nostril never touching the sides
    a barony original

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    Shot a rabbit at about 50yds from memory with the 17hmr, copped it right in the head(lucky for me i know) and another rabbit 5yds behind and a yard to the right dropped stone dead with headshot, and who say's 17's don't riccochet?

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    I jumped out of my tractor and shot at a pigeon flyin over the pigeon carried on for about twenty yards turned around and started to glide towards us, it went straight through the windscreen of the MF 188.

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    Thats a cracker with the tractor and the other ones are amazing you would never think it, another thing thats happened a few times is shooting 2 deer at once, I've done that 3 times, and shooting a pigeon between the eye's with a single pellet too.

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    Once shot the head off a pigeon with my 375 - at about three yards.

    I was lost in bush in western Tanzania and very hungry.

    Two minutes and it was plucked, gutted and on a stick over the fire.

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    Ive killed plenty of birds with one shot on the marsh three pinks with one shot as well, the other most amusing one was me and my mate were shooting squirrels and there was one right at the top of this tree as he ran towards us i took a shot at him and he was falling right towards our heads we both ducked waiting for it to hit one of us but it didnt as we stood up it was clinging to a branch with its claw about a foot over our heads dead as a door nail we still laugh about it to this day.....

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    i remember the funneyest shot i ever did . Went pigion shooting with a freind .He was dying for a number 2 so went in the woods for a bit of privacy. While he was there a pigion flew strait over my head so i had a shot at it and watched it drop into the wood then i heard a hell of of shout and it tured out it hit him right in the back of the head. He didnt find it as funny as i did.

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