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Thread: 1 powder for all 3 calibers what would you choose.

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    1 powder for all 3 calibers what would you choose.

    ok lads,

    i don't have a great overview of the powders on the market, as all i do is use a powder that has a fare bit of information on it from users on the calibres im interested in/use at this time.

    so for now i have and use the following in the cals opposite

    20 tac.................rl10x................ running a 40gr V max.

    243.....................benchmark........running a 86gr soft point.

    308.....................Varget..............runnin g a 155gr spitzr.

    if you where in the same boat, what powder would you choose to run all 3, im after accuracy not speed,

    i am after all just asking what you would choose, there does not need to be a reason (availability has to be taken into consideration).

    thank you

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    hi bob
    i have often wondered same question just got some vit 160 for my 6.5swede but run my 223 on benchmark
    not yet looked into powder for the 20tac as last owner ran it on h322 but i am thinking to try benchmark save buying 322
    wouldnt be so bad if they sold vit in 1lb tubs if i thot could run all on one powder and get decent results i would
    might try to delve into it if i can find some safe info
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    Bob, look at using Benchmark in all three. I have run a 222, a 22/250, a 260 and the 30/06 all on Benchmark. It is not ideal, but will work.

    I am using re17 in the 260 and 30/06 currently. You really need two powders, the 243 will be better with something a bit slower like re19.

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    hi varget but there a big BUT it will work in all of them but not as good is the right powders for the job

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    I'd use IMR 4895.~Muir
    I would also use IMR 4895 OR H4895.

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    benchmark for me! works well in my mates 204, works good in my 22ppc and also my 243win

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    Iuse H4895 for 243 70gn and 100gn and 308 150gn. good accuracy in all not sure about 20tac

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    If you had a Ferrari, a JCB and a Mondeo, you would presumably put the same engine oil in each, would you, Bob?

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    In the past i have used it in .223/17 rem/.243/.270 and .308 only problem was load density in the .270 but it shot very well.

    Bloody expensive though.


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