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Thread: Damaged finish on 12g semi barrels.

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    Damaged finish on 12g semi barrels.

    I know its not a rifle but this still looks the place to post this.

    Just bought a second hand hatsan escort luxano. It came with two barrels, 26" and 28". The finish on both barrels is damaged as is the black finish on the receiver. The previous owner put some kind of cleaning solution on it and tarnished it. It was going for a song so I bought as the rest of the gun is in mint condition with virtually no use after he damaged it which was not too long after he bought it. Have any of you any experience in repairing this sort of damage? Looking for hints and tips and recommended products to use. Bought this as a hide gun so will tend to use the 26" so I am happy to go out with a rough barrel while I work on the 28" to perfect the repair prior to trying it on the 26". I will try to up load some pics of the damage ASAP so you can see for yourselves what has been done.



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    You could send the barrels off to be blued ,or alternatively get some cold blueing and do the job yourself . ,should not cost the earth either way,better finish if hot blued.

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    Waiting for the pics and any more info so that we can work out what the damage was caused by and therefore how to fix it. It may be that (depending on what 'cleaning solution' was used) you might need to neutralise any residue left on the surface before refinishing.


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    If you're going to send away, Mark Pierce at Leominster Gun Room has an excellent reputation for this. I know several smiths send their repairs of this ilk to him.
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    Having problems with my camera but will try to get the pictures up on Sunday. Thanks for the replies.

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