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Thread: So, do people stalk in the snow?

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    So, do people stalk in the snow?

    As the tread title says, does anyone go stalking in the snow? I will admit I Would not, but I am a southern softey :-)

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    yep , got to get your numbers

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    I hunt in whatever weather I have to, but, being constrained by rather short seasons, I need to make the best of it. I have made my easiest stalks in driving snow storms. Last fall I carefully stalked across relatively open ground to within 40 yards of three feeding whitetails. No mean feat but easier in the blizzard conditions.~Muir

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    So, do people stalk in the snow?

    The Inuit are famous for it

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    why not ,nothing like getting yr ....frozen off and it looks all pretty too lovely went yesterday saw shed loads of paint ballers and 1 deer

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    I have been known to venture out every now and then with 7 weeks of the stuff last year and the year before the season would have past me by had i waited till it melted.


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    Stalking in the snow tends to be noisier but if you pay attention to your deer and where you have found them in previous years I find it concentrates them to certain sheltered areas and in some cases makes them easier to find (after about 2 days of it being on the ground)

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    I will stalk in snow if it's a fresh fall, trying to stalk on old/frozen/thawing snow is like walking on crisp packets, only help would be a good wind to mask the noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seibassman View Post
    As the tread title says, does anyone go stalking in the snow? I will admit I Would not, but I am a southern softey :-)
    huh thats good,i have seen me up to my arse in the stuff in october chasing stags,you need to have your wits about you but,in my career i have a had one damaged rifle and one damaged shotgun from snow up the barrel,it happens so quickly,barrels are as short as hell now lol.

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    Stalking in the snow can be very productive and is one of the times I most enjoy going stalking. In December 2010 when there was snow all around, I had one of my most best ever months. On some of the days there was enough snow to use my snow shoes. Regards JCS

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