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Thread: Clients letting people down

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    Clients letting people down

    Over this past season I have had a huge number of clients out stalking, many have gone away with deer, some more than others and many have re booked. However I have had a couple let me down, which considering the amount of people I deal with is an insignificant number.

    This past few days I had someone off this site booked in with a friend. My ground is about 90 minutes drive away and I have a bothy I sleep in on the estate. As I am now doing this full time professionally, time is money, and having arranged for another friend off this site to help guide, who has an elderly mother who is almost bed ridden so he had to rearrange his whole weekend for the booking. Plus it was -4 so sleeping in the bothy was not something I was relishing, but with the fires on it not to bad.

    I then get a phone call 24hrs before the expected arrival from the client telling me that because it appears the weather is going to turn for the worse, his friend who is an older man is not prepared to travel and they were not coming.

    I also had another client this winter phone me 10 miles from Dorchester where I had arranged to meet him to stalk and also tell me he had a slight cold and because it looked like rain tomorrow he was not coming on the booked stalk . This was after both Robin and myself had driven 4 hours towing a quad bike to be there.

    Whilst I have no issue with people having family problems or being genuinely ill, what I do have a problem with is clients not having the decency to tell me well in advance that they are not coming and my wasting time and money as a self employed person with overheads to pay.

    So if you have booked to stalk with folk off this site or for that matter anywhere, please do not make feeble excuses. Some on here are trying to make a living, and therefore cannot afford to loose money.

    Thank you

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    Do you not take a deposit for bookings ?
    I realise many don`t but as this is your main income, I think I would consider even a small deposit which would help with wasted fuel etc. Something that would be non refundable in the 48hrs before the stalk say? Certainly something I wouldn`t mind paying.


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    Only had one this year in the diary that never got back to me to finalise the date they had booked. I don't mind if things change for them as I have nothing like the organising you do, but it's nice to get a response to a PM asking if they are still coming.

    Do you take deposits Malc? If so and they cancel for a genuine reason, do you allow them to rearrange the date or do they loose that deposit?

    (Just saw the above post! Must have sent these at the same time!)

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    Fair play, and i think that any cancelled booking within 24hrs should pay, or at least contribute (at your discretion), to any costs already incurred on their behalf. I hate people who are constantly late or let you down, in all aspects of life. Genuine reason fair enough, but feeble excuses time after time are down right annoying.

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    Your not on your own a friend of mine north of the border offered a park stag 16pts and a days hind stalking for a novice at a knock down price not only did the guy cancel 12hrs before the stalk he had nothing wrong with him .he let both me and the owner down plus the estate stalker.
    Same estate another tosser told me he was competant had 6 shots missed every time including a park hind at 50 yds and he had not even the deancey to apoligise.
    afraid now I do not recomend anyone anywhere as feel it makes me look bad when things go wrong.

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    This is one of the joys of being self employed! Dealing with the public can be a pain in the ass but on the plus side there are a lot of very genuine people out there! Enjoy!

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    Hi guys, yes a small deposit was recieved in the first instance. I must admit I was very angry with the guy and put the phone down on him. The trouble is the arrangements that had been made for the weekend were far reaching with other people who were kindly giving up their weekend to help me, when they had personal issues to arrange.

    Never mind onwards and upwards.

    Booked everyweekend until the end of this month and have a block booking from Finland for October and Novemvber as they were so impressed with this year they have gone home and re booked all their mates. So happy days!!

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    A Cold??? jeez some need to get a life. Surely people realise that if your travelling this time of year we can and do sometimes get snow, Fog and ice and allow for it.

    But obviously not it seems the more I read forums the more I realise just how self important and selfish some of those involved in Stalking are. Quite sad.

    Sikamalc hopefully you will suffer with more like this for a long time...... I wish you all the best with your venture.

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    Terms and Conditions??

    It's simply bad form, selfish and sadly frequently typical.

    The folk who think that their convenience and personal foibles are the sole consideration are increasing in number in every area.

    It happens everywhere and especially if they risk little financial penalty for late cancellations.

    Maybe 'Terms and Conditions' agreed prior to agreeing to a long journey might help? I know others offering a professional stalking service on this forum do that. Might be worth having a look at theirs as a template for you to modify.

    PM me if you want some help?


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    Large deposites the only way Then go stalking your self as a guide you will get little enough chance to fuel your own passion.
    Good deposite plus beast will ease the pain some what.

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