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Thread: stalking in scotland

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    stalking in scotland

    i met up with friends at a service station on wed night to go out stalking till sunday up in scotland. we packed all my gear and the dogs got aqainted and we headed off. as we got close to glenshee there was quite abit of snow this with the fact that the stags and hinds were grouping up in single sex heards started getting the blood going we stopped off to get some pictures of the stags low down and carried on our way . we decided to head for the digs to unload and get sorted out after this we put up a couple of seats in two areas overlooking the woods with lots of signs so should be productive . by this time it was almost time to head off for a stalk in the evening i chose a stalk along side a wood with open fields and a seat three fields down overlooking some clear fell and open grass fields with a wood at the rear of one field . the stalk in proved very difficult as it was snow and very icy but undeterred i carried on . the ground had some lovely dips and troughs were deer lie up so glassing all the way a couple of steps at a time . i made it to the seat and sat my gsp down in wait next to a wall behind the seat and i then climbed in . i wasnt there long when tommy sat upright and started taking in deep breaths and fixated on a point in the wood 150 yrds down up with the bins and glassing all around couldnt see a thing by this time tommy really trying hard to contain himself let out a squeek of exitement .as a red hind jumped the fence into the field . at this point i lifted the rifle into a good postion and slowly found my phone to text my mate to once again check he was happy for it to be shot. i watched the hind for what seemed like ages strutting up and down the fence line i didnt want to shoot straight away as i needed to find out if a follower was in tow or others where around. i got a text back saying is she down and satisfied she was definately on her own took the shot she dropped on the spot to a heart shot tommy at this point was keen to set off on his job i put him into the wind and set him off and straight to the hind and sat down next to her licking here face. i walked over and gave him lots of encouragement and set about the gralloch. which he waited excitedly for the kidneys for his reward. looking back she was 150 yrds from the track with a small stone wall to drag over so i opted to leave her and wait out the remaining light for anything else but nothing showed i rang my mate to bring the truck down .well chuffed one in the bag on the first day so things where looking good . pictures and part two to follow on the open hill for a glorious stalk ,atb wayne

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    on our second morning we got up early and made breakfast and got yakking of the days ahead and before we knew it it was getting light with all the gear packed off we set for a day on the hill we met up with the keeper and had been promised a good stalk on the hill and with the hill being south facing there would be plenty of deer. well as soon as we stepped foot on the ground we were'nt dissapointed out to the left 7 roe browsing while we had set out a plan one of us would head off up the hill and glass a small wood and make their way round glassing while making for the high ground i opted to stalk into the 7 and the other two guys heading off elswhere when we glimsed more roe near the first group so we set off together for each group .these roe where 700meters away and with the sun would cast a shadow of us moving we marked visually where they where and opted to drop down out of site and then go along the tree line and then start a climb around 200 meters away .again the crunchy bracken had made this task hard bumping a couple of roe from the off .we carried on around and started the climb and came out exactly where we planned.we crawled to a spot to glass but the first group had broken away browsing as they went but the doe and followers i wanted were no where to be seen so we move around abit and two of us started glassing and both of us spotted three roe it was decided that at this point we would split up for them to get into a postion for a shot i opted to stay back with tommy and glass the area for the original roe as they dissapeared out of sight i kept watching the doe they were after and she had turned to move away from them browsing as she went my attention turned to my area and instantly the original roe must have gone for a lay down and had started feeding again. with the follower in my sights i ranged it at exactly 200 yrds and unshure i would make it closer decided i was comfortable with the shot and steadied myself on the sticks and a few shallow breaths later released the 130 grain sierra off and down it went like a lead balloon. another in the bag and a gralloch everyone had made it back to my position and we headed off out in search of more as we got to the side of the hill the dogs started winding really strongly and we soon had another group in sight i opted to stay back while two of them headed off on a 200mtr crawl i lost them over the ridge and awaited the repore back and then i moved forward to see their arms waving i sent tommy off for the retrieve in the heather which he found and kidneys and what was left of the heart for good measure we headed off again. lots more deer where seen but swirling winds and the sun going down we called it a day and headed home chuffed to bits,atb wayne
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    Cracking reads there wayne glad you had a good time up here mate.

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    Nice one Mereside. Well done.
    A good read.... but made much more difficult without commas, capital letters or paragraphs!.

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    Epic write up and cracking pics.Glad you got back ok.
    I had to come back early due to the weather closing in around us.

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    i managed to get to 35mins from home and there was a 14 car pile up on both sides of the carriage way had to find another route home lousy weather here it amazes me how the roads in scotland are mint and at home with a little snow and everything stops due to idiots driving

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    Nice one mereside

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    thanks guys heres the hind.

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    Christ mate in all the years I didnt realise there legs were as shortWell done mate

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    i think it was a muntjack cross. all weight saving for carrying it out to the truck you will be surprised how much the legs weigh

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