Monday: Royal mail returned my variation, FAC, and Cheque, posted in October, and held by them for 12p extra in postage. My apologies to GMP as I had previously thought that they were being slow to issue a variation. and said so on here . Sorry GMP.

Wednesday: Really good day, Out stalking with Mike Dickinson (Calton Moor Range). Got my first red hind, this was followed up by Mike getting its calf. Closely followed by an hour of strenuous exercise removing the two of them from the wood we had stalked into. .

Thursday: Post arrived with my new FAC with a slot for a .308 and mod and conditions removed from my rimfires. Only 2 weeks from application, thanks GMP, and again my apologies.

This week: Hunting on the internet for a shiny new toy to fill the slot on my FAC.