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Thread: Custom stock for Steyr Mannlicher made by Enda Walsh

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    Custom stock for Steyr Mannlicher made by Enda Walsh

    Hi all, after much deliberation and looking through various stock designs I decided to take the plunge and have a new stock custom made for my Steyr Mannlicher pro Hunter. There are a few stock makers out there but I was put in touch with Enda Walsh from Custom Stocks Ireland. Following many emails and a few telephone conversations Enda managed to get out of me exactly what I wanted in design and needed for practicality of both stalking and long range work. Enda is even sending over a plaster cast kit for me to grip so that he can cut in my exact grip in front of the thumbhole. Part of the work he does on the stock is cut on a machine but the majority is hand produced and he can work with whatever wood type you are interested in.

    All I can say is I’m blown away by his attention to detail and the consideration for my needs as a customer. Interestingly Enda has been featured in this month’s Shooting Sports magazine (Pages 92 and 93). I have scanned in the pages for you to look at, hopefully you can read the text if you enlarge the image. I have also added some pictures of his work and the web site link. If you are looking into having a new stock custom made then its definitely worth contacting Enda. As soon as I have the stock here Ill load some pictures up for you and let you know how it shoots

    Website link here:

    Shooting Sports article:

    Attachment 12409Attachment 12410

    Some examples of Enda's work below:

    Attachment 12411Attachment 12415Attachment 12412Attachment 12416Attachment 12413Attachment 12414
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    You are in good hands with Enda. Very tidy work and a pleasure to deal with.

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    Look forward to seeing the pics of your finished rifle. How come you've changed from the original?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steyer 6.5 View Post
    Look forward to seeing the pics of your finished rifle. How come you've changed from the original?
    Contrary to the concerns people have about the plastic Steyr stock I’ve never had a flyer or a problem shooting it. It fits nice and is very light but.......I don’t think it does the rest of the rifle justice. The barrel, action, trigger and safety i love and think are excellent but the stock is flimsy and doesn’t look as nice as the rest of the rifle. I love thumbhole stocks and have one on my 204 so decided to ahev one made. Wuill it shoot better? Probably not Ive been shooting sub moa with every bullet ive made for it...Will it look better and feel a better fit? Hopefully

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    I got two and excellent apart from stocks. Your post might make me spend some money in the future.

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    Agree, lovely rifle so a nice stock will set it off. he will do wahtever you want. As soon as I haev it ill send you soem pics.

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    Not far away now...Decided to have the adjustable cheek piece added to the stock...While the bonnets up and all that. Had fun making the plaster cast of my grip this week. He basically sends out a kit with a wooden jig representing the grip and adjusts a point for your finger to sit 9as if on the trigger). You cover your hand in the plaster of Paris bandage and then grip it tight ensuring a good indent of your fingers and thumb. Sent it back...he can now cut this into the thumbhole to make it a spot on fit to your hand. He sends a DVD for you to watch first which was very useful.

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    Some nice stocks there bud

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    They look a brilliant piece of work,I`m interested too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by johngryphon View Post
    They look a brilliant piece of work,I`m interested too!
    They really are mate, he leaves no detail out. I’m hoping to have mine with me by Wednesday or Thursday. Once I get it ill be taking some good pics of it and get them posted on here. I don’t want to post the prices on here because the price all depends on the work that you want him to do and the type of finish you want. He will be adding 8 coats to mine and obviously working each coat to ensure the ultimate finish. He sends them all around the world so I would expect that OZ would not be a problem for him.

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