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Thread: SCHMIDT & BENDER Hungarian 6X42 Scope

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    SCHMIDT & BENDER Hungarian 6X42 Scope

    For Sale SCHMIDT & BENDER Hungarian 6X42 scope, 1" tube scope, no 8. recticle in very good condition.
    Perfect glass, no bodgery, crimps or damage. Some light ring marks and scratches to the bottom of the tube, as you would expect, but these are only on the surface and invisible mounted. I've tried to photgraph them.
    Top quality optics - I 've compared this to my German S&B variable and the quality is identical as the componants are exactly the same. Comes with original factory covers. Only for sale as I sold the rifle it was on and could use the funds.


    290.00 including RMSD postage. This scope is 583.00 at the Sportsman. Would prefer bank transfer, cash or paypal. Scope will be posted the next working day after payment.
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    just for your info thats a no8 recticle on your scope mate not a number 7


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    Agree with Dave
    its No 8
    got the same scope and ret and very nice too


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    You are absolutely right, got my recticles mixed up !

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    280 including RMSD postage !

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    Is this still for sale?

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    Scope has sold and gone to sunnier climes !

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