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    Im relatively new to shooting, no gear no idea. Apart from stalking id like to get into wild fowling. im not expecting 100 bird days just to be out in a wild place hunting wild game. Iv scoured the net but was wondering if anyone can speak from experiance about the best fowling club to join to get started. Im in west london but dont mind travelling a couple of hours the wash is in range as to are the south coast clubs???

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    Dan your right on the doorstep of a very good club
    There are several guys in your area that are fowlers, some belong to Kent.

    A list of other clubs
    And talk to BASC

    Welcome to the highly addictive and insane world that is Wildfowling


    (who has enjoyed the insanity that is Wildfowling for the last 20 odd years)

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    Thanks Brian.. I'll check out kent wildfowlers. BTW do you know anything if Southern wetlands Asc? formerly chichester wildfowlers. iv heard of a fishing guide that they were not bad..though he lived 5min from their shooting grounds...

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    To my knowledge Chichester Wildfowlers are still going, yes they are a good club.

    You also have clubs in Essex Suffolk and Norfolk they are also good clubs, just depends how far you want to travel to go Fowling.
    Kent is the biggest club in the country with 1000s of acres of shooting spread all over Kent Sussex and now I think Norfolk


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