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Thread: sworovski z6i 2.5-15x56

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    sworovski z6i 2.5-15x56

    Anybody got one of these scopes yet,and what do you think of it.I need a new scope and not sure weather to go for a sworovski or a s&b,any opinions? cheers alb

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    take a look at basil's new set-up (general discussion) and you'll buy one on looks alone....and a styer to match!

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    Opinions well where to start . You've tried the rest now try the best .

    Well worth the cash, setting it up is easy the illuminated dot is just the ******** put the dot on the target and squeeze like basil Ive got it on a .243 I haven't failed on a target since buying it with dot when its on its down .
    the proofs in the eating .


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    Nice picture widows son, but I am interested as to how you have a Buck and a Doe both in season at the same time??!!
    Maybe you should have just posted the piccy of the rifle!

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    Monkey S : Like many on here I don't stalk for fun, I stalk because there is requirement to remove deer to protect trees ,which are someones property.

    That then requires a out of season ticket to carry out the job to satisfy the owners requirements.

    Keeping all within the bound of the law .

    Simple equasion its brown its down , On saturday I watched a buck give a tree a right seeing to ,I was eating him last night the pie was fantastic

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    Well Pointed out Monkey Spanker,

    Just goes to show how Deer wefare is second to money for some people.

    Roe buck is in hard antler and she looks a mature doe so there is some poor roe kid running around with no mum.

    Is there and wonder field sports and deer stalking gets a bad press.

    Trees are worth next to nothing anyway and if planted well with deer in mind there should not be an issue.

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    I'll have to stick up for widows son on this one, I know it's a bit off subject.

    Trees are worth something, although timber prices are low right now they like any comodity vary in price.
    The young tree a buck may be damaging right now is worth 5 however it may be worth 100's in 40 yrs. At 2500 trees a hectare and up to 80% damage in some areas , trees are worth something , you also have to the ecological and aesthetical value of trees which is priceless.

    Deer welfare should always be at the forefront of all deer management but it is nessessary to kill deer out of season, therfore it is vital people who carry out this work are well trained and are following best practise.

    I'm afraid that in many commercial forests roe deer are really only another cash crop, this may sound harsh but "the bottom line , is the bottom line".
    With large commercial forests the only way to reduce and damage is to carry out some out of season shooting/night shooting.

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    Rubeus perhaps you could explain why deer welfare is compromised by shooting deer out of season (under licence).

    From my experience a well placed chest shot killed either a male or a female deer in the same humane manner 365 days a year???

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    Ben, a well placed shot will kill any animal at any time of year agreed. However, a licence to shoot out of season will not provide the mothers milk to a fawn which is laying dead next to it!! Why do you think we have seasons in the first place?? It is not the welfare of the dead animal which is the issue here. However, widows son has justified his actions here and on another post in the 'General discussion which you might care to read.

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