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    laser light

    I was sitting in a Doe box at 6am on saturday morning waiting for daybreak, as it began to get light i noticed a white shape about 300yds away this turned out to be a white fallow doe with a group of three others, as i watched through the glasses the white doe started walking in my direction, i sat watching until i thought she might be in range i took my leupold rangefinder and pinged her at 151 yards, with this she turned and ran back to the group 300yds away, i know she could not see me so i have been wondering if she detected the laser, or was it just a coincidence, has anybody else had this happen, your thoughts would be much appreciated.

    cheers Geoff
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    Most likely a coincidence, unless the button is very clicky. The laser range finders usually run at about 850nM wavelength, well in to the infra red end of the spectrum. Deer have a similar frequency response to human eyes, so there's no chance they'll be able to see it. (If it were a goldfish it may well be able to though! )

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    I noticed the other day that you can see the red writing of the range readout from the front of my new RF bins. I don't imagine you'd see it from a ways off.... But what about in low light?
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    There is an awful lot of talk on some of the other forums about animal ability to detect and asociate with danger IR Lasers. The general consensus seems to be that lasers only really become covert as you approach 900nm. Also rabbits and fox definetly become spooked by strong ir laser if they are repeatedly exposed to them and of most relevance here deer seem to be particularly wary/scared of ir lasers.

    hope this helps

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    I had an interesting call from a friend who had been sitting i a high seat last night waiting for a pig that had been on the rampage , just after dark he saw a movement so he switched on his night vision, when he pointed it in the direction of the movement a fallow doe which was looking in his direction about a hundred yards away started barking before running off, he is convinced it was the night vision that spooked it, he also said whenever he sees an image of a deer on his trail camera it is always looking at the lense, cheers geoff

    dont know why it keeps putting rampage twice
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    1. You will probably find that the reason is sound and movement, not an IR source, after all deer see more in the UV spectrum?

    2. The reason most people "see" animals looking at their CAM is scent. New kid on the block. After time they ignore it. Think about it, a passive IR detector "fires" the camera and the animal is still their...


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    Coincidence imho

    ab Heugal

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