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Thread: Harris Bipods and off centre swivel studs?

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    Harris Bipods and off centre swivel studs?

    I write with a little problem that I am trying to figure out. Please help me out those who know!

    I have a Tikka T3 .308 and now the new baby an Anschuetz .17HMR 1517 D HB. The Harris bipod I have is one purchased originally for the Tikka and seems fine, it is the 9-13" solid base, looks damn level and has been fine at the range. When mounted on the Anschutz it kind of cants the crosshairs out of level down to the left. At first I thought the guy mounting the scope cocked up a little, but it seems perfectly level when just hand held. So I have been trying to find out, and it seems there are 'off centre' rifle swivel studs on some rifles. The Anschuetz looks pretty centred but maybe it has a bias and this is what is causing the canting? I read where there is a version of Harris '1A2' or something that take this on and compensates. Is that true? Please advise. And if so any thoughts on best Harris model for a rabbit/fox varminting .17HMR?

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    you could try some sort of shim like thin leather or something simular on one side to level it up.


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    Have a good look at the front swivel stud on the Annie....
    Mine was screwed in too deep, stopped the bi-pod sitting as it should.
    I just put a small washer under the swivel stud, easy fix.


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    Okay will try, It is always annoying though to invest and still not have it quite right. But this is my experience with almost all kit.

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    Harris do a swivel version of all of their bipods,get one of these if you can, you'll them a lot easier to use esspecially on an uneven surface


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickie View Post
    you could try some sort of shim like thin leather or something simular on one side to level it up.

    +1 that would seem to be the easy option, or get a harris "S" series (swivel).

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    dont buy it if it isnt harris,i went for cheaper version and its not as good and my sling attachment wont go through the hole its ment too,ive had to drill hole bigger

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    Hi all,

    In the end I think I will just go for a swivel version of the Harris that I wanted anyway. Thanks for the advice.

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