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Thread: Idea of price

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    Idea of price

    A mate of mine is thinking of selling his steyr mannlicher .243, Its got a barley twist barrel on it, used condition but tidy, Not threaded for a sound mod.
    He also has a set of swing off mounts with it with a swarovski 6x42 scope on it, But im not sure if these will be going with it ( i forgot to ask) so what do you guys think its worth ??. not sure what the model is, I know nothing about steyr,s.
    Cheers tika.308

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    Andy there was one this site couple weeks ago no moderater same scope 900

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    sold a pro hunter in 243 for 530 threaded very tidy to trade ,got the 6.5 steyr and not looked back tidy i feels it

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    It's only worth as much as somebody is prepared to pay for it.

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    Fair comment as there isn't a great deal of interest in mine see firearms classifieds.


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