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Thread: .410 woes

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    .410 woes

    Not stalking i know but.... i am a happy boy. I bought a lovely little sarasqetcha sxs .410 hammer gun a few weeks ago which seemed like a cheap deal until discovered it wouldn't extract or close due to tight chambers. I was told by a gunsmith who had a look at it that the chambers erode and create a ring at the end of the brass which could occasionally be polished out but usually required sleaving which in this case wouldn't be viable. Gutted. still usable but a shame its a cracking little gun.
    Anyway i had another good look at it tonight and after 15 minutes careful polishing and tweaking the extractor mech i've got it working flawlessly.

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    put the bronze brush in an electric drill and whizz that round the chambers

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    A lot of problems with OLDER .410 guns are because of the RUBBISH that masquerades as being 410 calibre ammunition. It isn't it is continental 12mm or somesuch RUBBISH.

    Look at the headstamp of your modern plastic 410 cartridges and you'll see 12mm stamped there! In fact the old BSA 410 shot guns won't work with anything other than proper paper cased 410 cartridges.

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    Mine does the same, but it is pitting about 2.25 inches into the chamber, polishing has made a difference, but still sticks with some brands of cartridges. I can generally pull them out with fingers, but have use the pliers on leatherman on more than one occasion.

    Alternively I just the little 2" cartridges - more than adequate for clays.

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    He's a little bit tight opening 3" carts but other than that working lovely. Very happy

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    Sounds like a nice gun. I just sold my sbs .410 and I'm already starting to think it was a bad move

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