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Thread: A practical woman

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    A practical woman

    Who just happens to work in the firearms department. How about this for an example of knowing her job and efficiency. My old farmer friend has been told he has to go into hospital for an operation on an aneurysm, now depending on how they opt to do it, keyhole through a vein or opening up his chest his time away from home will vary. He does not want to leave his guns at home while he is away and asked that I take them, I said that I would but that I would contact my firearms department to iron out any wrinkles. The guns involved are a shotgun, 22 rimfire and a .243, the shotgun obviously not a problem.

    I telephone yesterday and spoke to this delightful woman, having explained the situation she called up my FAC on her computer She had a look and noticed that I had two moderator vacancies which I had not filled, I use one for three rifles, so she said it would be a straight variation one for one with the guns and the mods, no bother. So I shall pop in one day this week and get it done. How efficient is the Northern Constabulary when dealing with firearms eh?


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    HI jayb,we could be doing with a few people like that working in firearms in N.IRELAND.
    I spoke to someone from fireams yesterday regarding adding more ground to my certificate and was told it could take 2 or 3 months.

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    Aye John

    We are lucky with Highland, I think a few Constabularies throughout the country could learn from them

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    North Yorkshires lot deserve some credit too. They seem to know what they are doing and give a pretty prompt service.

    credit where credits due

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    I have to say it is good to hear about a constabulary that is polite, courteous, and above all sensible with the FA Laws. I must admit that Kent has always been very good and very open with me. So again credit where credit is due.

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    I know a lot of people I talk to have had problems with Hampshire, but all my dealings have been delt with very quickly, even alter fac and returned by return of post so I could get out on the weekend

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