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Thread: lightening the trigger pull on a mk1 ruger m77 .308

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    lightening the trigger pull on a mk1 ruger m77 .308

    hello has anyone ever lightened the trigger on a mk1 ruger m77 .308? i have just read the manual and it seems to state that the trigger is already set at its lightest pull and lightening it any more will cause premature discharge( oh err!!)
    any advice would be most welcome

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    Unless you know exactly what you're doing, don't mess with triggers. I'd suggest a replacement such as this

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGG View Post
    Unless you know exactly what you're doing, don't mess with triggers. I'd suggest a replacement such as this
    Second that. ~Muir

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    Is that the ruger with the shotgun style safety?

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    I did one a few years ago for a friend it requires good skill with a needle file, you realy need to take your time and keep refiting the trigger to the gun to check to see if it is right because it will go from heavy to too light v fast. If you are commited to a lighter trigger you have nothing to loose give it a go and if you stuff it up get the timney replacement unit.

    When adjusting triggers allways carry out the safety test:

    Check rifle is unloaded
    Apply safety
    press trigger with safety on
    remove safety
    give sharp tap of butt pad on ground
    The rifle shouldn't fire

    Cycle the unloaded action 10-20 times hard and fast and it shouldn't fire

    If you have any difficulty with the above dont do it or take it to a gun smith



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    If I remember rightly, the trigger is largely unadjustable other than as a previous poster has said, you pig about filing seers. Get the Timney - I think Rimfire Magic also have a Rifle Basixx kit which comes in cheaper - and just as effective
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    I used to have two ruger M77s and in each case I changed the trigger unit. I looked for a Timney trigger but they did not make them for this rifle - until recently (but they are pricey!)

    Eventually I found Dayton Traister triggers who produce a very good replacement unit for this rifle. And what's more it is an adjustable trigger. you will need a gunsmith to fit the unit but this takes about 20 minutes. Just Google 'Dayton Traistor to get the information etc.
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