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Thread: Full set Reloading Kit plus extras

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    Full set Reloading Kit plus extras

    having a clearout as i wont be reloading my own anymore so looking to sell my gear.

    At the moment i'm looking to sell the lot as a whole in one go.

    Here' the list;

    RCBS Rockchucker Supreme Kit (without uniform Powder Flow) This kit alone costs 390 less 105 for the powder Measure.
    Rockchucker Press
    5-0-5 Scales
    Hand Priming tool
    Deburr Tool
    Powder funnel and attachments
    Case loading Block x 2
    Lube mat
    Speer Reloading manual

    Everything above came with the kit

    Then everything below as well.

    Lee cutter with ball
    Lee Zip Trim
    Lee Reloading Press – Turret Type 3 hole
    Lee Pocket Primer
    RCBS Powder trickler
    Lyman primer Pocket Uniformer Tool Large and Small
    Lyman Flash Hole Internal Uniforming Tool
    Case Tumbler – Frankford arsenal - 230vac
    RCBS 243 Dies – Fl 3 die set – Number 11401
    Lee Reloading manual – Second edition
    Sierra Reloading Manual – Edition 5 and sierra infinity V5Disc
    Lyman 48th Reloading manual
    Hornady AOL Gauge – Straight
    Shell Holders – four or five
    Head space gauge fits in caliper 243,7mm and 308
    Modified cases 243,7mm-08 and 2 x 308

    Only ever loaded around 400 rounds with it from new.

    There 's about 680 pounds worth, i'm looking for 425.00

    Collection or postage at cost, we do get around so could possibly meet.

    Advertised on another forum.

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    what area are you in? might be interested
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    Sorry - Doncaster.

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    pm sent!

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    im only half an hour from you but only want a few of the items " manuals, zip trim, aol gauge, tumbler," so if you decide to split let me know please
    all the best

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    Sorry Lads it sold on another forum this morning at 1.40am


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