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Thread: :) FAC back with fresh new slot!

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    :) FAC back with fresh new slot!

    Hi all

    Well, I had a letter through from Avon and Somerset today, so there's me thinking it will say something like 'please re-do your variation application as you forgot to fill in ......' or whatever; I sent the paperwork off last Tuesday you see, so the department will have received it on Wednesday, and I was told a short while back that the current turnaround time for variations at A&S was 3-5 weeks.
    Anyway, I was over the moon when I read 'please find enclosed your updated Firearm Certificate' with .243 rifle + .243 sound moderator added!
    I am so pleased that I've got this back so soon, when I was prepared to be waiting weeks and weeks; I'll be writing to Avon and Somerset to say thanks for their prompt service.
    As some of you will know, it was my first application for a deer-legal calibre, and I'm glad it's gone so smoothly - after seeking advice on here (thanks people!) I included a letter detailing the experience I have gained, a copy of my DSC1, references, etc., and it looks like it paid off.

    Can't wait to buy a set up and get started!


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    Good news. Any conditions other than maybe a territorial one attached?

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    Hi Orion, nope, it just says the same as for my rimfire regarding the land; 'land deemed suitable by' etc., no mentoring conditions or anything, I'm very happy with it

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    Do you have any other centrefire rifles? .223 etc?

    If not, then A & S are pretty good!

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    Hi Matt, no mate, only a .22lr! Avon and Somerset don't seem to have the best reputation generally, but in this case I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. No visit, no extra conditions (such as mentoring), and all back within a week. Very pleased with their service, clearly they must appreciate that I've put a lot of effort in to gain lots of experience, through completing DSC1 and getting in contact with various different deer stalkers and accompanying + learning from them. I've been lucky to meet some great people, a few off of this site, and am really appreciative of the help I have received.
    Now the issue is trying to get on with Uni work when all I want to do is look at rifles!!

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    Happy days spend your money wisely



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    Hi Dickie - thanks mate, and yes I'm definitely making sure I take my time over this decision, to make sure I get the right set-up for me, at the right price for my bank account!
    Cheers for your help and putting up with my endless questions both online and in person

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