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Thread: chastisement

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    OK guys i posted up about the new scope that Basil has just purchased which is the ******** .
    Anyway .

    I posted up a picture of my own rifle which is a Ruger M77 stutzen with a Swarovski Z6i scope on it which i can find no fault with at all ,its filled my chill time after time .

    Here goes.

    In the picture there was two Roe, Buck and Doe shot in November 08 ,
    the thing that gets me is the fact there was two posts after it ,saying about the Buck and Doe being shot at the same time ,I hold out of season tickets to cull deer for many reasons, all which you have learned about when you have done your level one certificate .

    The bit that made me laugh was the mention of a kid being left on its own, after shooting the Doe there was no kid present if there had been it would have been in the picture also ,by November kids are self sufficient anyway ,I,m there to carry out the job not to play at it, I,m not interested in the regeneration of the species but carryout what I'm put there to do thats kill deer .

    Have a look at the posting on the Deer Initiative about the RTA's and the over population of Deer species, this is what we try to contain them as stalkers ,but there are over zealous land owners that charge the earth for stalking ,now there left with problems ,I carry out the work to try and maintain deer from this type of thing happening ,very successful ,I add.

    I take on pieces of ground, to carryout a job of culling Deer, some people don't have the stomach for it ,it dosent bother me Ive been carrying out work like this for years ,and have been very successful at it, I don't make cash out of it, I process the carcasses and give most of it to the pensioners around where i live.

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    Quite right Widows son,

    you should not have to explain yourself on the site like this. If anyone sees this in a photo, then they should realise that there are circumstances in which you are allowed to shoot out of season.

    I think the DCS have stated that the young are self sufficient from around October.

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    As it was me that pointed it out I feel I should post a reply.
    It was not my intention to chastise in any way - I was just curious.
    However, I personnally don't think it is wise to post such pictures on an open forum as it does our cause no favours whatsoever.
    If you have an 'out of season' ticket and are operating within the law then so be it. I think you should get on with it quietly and not advertise it too much. Many novices are viewing these posts and although they will have heard of night shooting and shooting out of season, they must appreciate that is the exception and not the norm!
    Some would argue that shooting out of season is now not necessary with the latest law change giving you an extra month after the game shooting finishes, and if you can't complete your Doe cull in that time then you are not going out enough, or you should get some help. I'm sure you will find some volunteers on the SD if you need any!
    I am not naive enough to think that this is the case here as I don't think you would have been granted a ticket for no reason. I suspect that you hold a prime piece of ground and suffer from immigration after the Doe season finishes?
    As pointed out above, there are serious issues with deer welfare which is why we have seasons in the first place. I appreciate your actions appear justified in this case and never meant to 'rattle yer cage'!
    It's funny how such an innocent post can turn into a heated debate!

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    +1 for what jingzy said. What only one buck. Call your self a stalker
    There is a lot of spout by "stalkers" but when it comes down to it the average recreational stalker is not killing enough deer. Plenty of people want to shoot bucks but when it gets wet,cold and dark in the winter and the wife is moaning you cannot get them out and kill does. If the recreational stalker killed more does then perhaps there would be no need to have special licences for out of season culling.

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    I want to get out in the winter and cull does just cant get any land, keep hearing about all this culling thats required, Im up for it just where is it available.

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    The last thing we should do is hide what we do.

    If you try and hide something it'll just creep up behind you and bite you on the a**e [/quote]

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    I agree with bambislayer on being open with every aspect of deer management.

    As previously mentioned the picture which seems to have caused some upset is one that shows 2 roe deer in winter coats. This means that it is the buck which is subject to an extended season licence and goes to prove that extended season licences do not compromise any deer welfare standards.

    I would be amazed if anyone was shooting does with dependant kids between June and October.(Scotland) Outwith that timeframe there is as much chance of kids being left dependant before November by an inexperienced or brainless individual legally shooting does.

    As for the suggestion that doe culls are not reached due to the lack of time spent out on the ground I found that quite naive is that!

    From having worked as a professional stalker on the hill and in commercial forestry there are times when management needs dictate specialist methods.

    While some methods such as out of season shooting, live capture pens, night shooting etc etc might be distasteful in principle to some, unless you have actually seen these methods put into practice I am not sure how you can comment on the validity of implementing these methods.

    I have yet to meet anyone who has been involved in any "controversial" methods that didn't have a genuine interest in deer welfare and their responsible management.

    All the best


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    Hear, Hear Ben.

    I know for a fact that most people, including Full time [hill] stalkers wouldn't last half a season if faced with large scale culling, it's b****y hard work with the most hellish hours and very little thanks[in fact everyone hates you ]

    People are always shouting out "we'll come and help out", I'm afraid it's not that simple, your mind set has to change when culling large numbers and what is dificult to have that "edge" but still maintain standards.

    Sorry for getting on my soapbox , but it gets on my wick when people are slated for doing a job which is a fairly thankless task at times.

    Try a long day at the hinds followed by 6hrs spotlighting deer 5-6 nights a week for 6months of the year.

    Yes you do it because you enjoy it , but like any job it f***s you of at times, and turns you into a cynical online grump

    Most wifes don't appretiate eau de' stag @ 4am

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    What is so naive about a lack of time spent on the ground during the doe cull. If you take the deer population in England that is supposed to be growing at an alarming rate. The way to keep the deer population under control is to shoot does. From my many years of stalking in England people were very keen to be invited outduring the buck season. But strange how they had every excuse going when it came to the doe cull.
    So if these "stalkers" are a representative cross section of the recreational stalkers out there. its no wonder that the required number of does don't get culled.
    When these stalkers read an article in the press about deer problems somewhere in the uk they all shout , here we are why dos'nt any body ring us. But they can't get there arses out of bed to control their local deer population.

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    I think you are 'preaching to the converted' on this site but believe we should exercise discretion. We all have a number of deer management tools in our toolboxes and use whatever is needed for the job in hand.
    You are right in that we shouldn't have to hide what we do. However, some of the general public - probably most, understand what we do, but don't necessarily want to see it. Others don't understand and never will. It only takes one of those to cut & paste the photo and stick it in the mail with some propagada statement along the lines of "look what the blood-thirsty *******s are doing now" and a qoute from another stalker on the site: "she looks a mature doe so there is some poor roe kid running around with no mum". No lies have been told and before you know it we are all scum of the earth and another bunch of the group that were supportive suddenly aren't any more!! We are up against true espionage here folks so lets not make their job easy.
    I always try to keep a low profile when I am out. I avoid the numerous footpaths, park my vehicle out of the way. I gralloch out of site and hide the evidence best I can. I cover all dead animals over in my vehicle.
    I don't do this because I am ashamed of what I do, i do it because many people find it offensive. I'm sure others views may differ and some probably want to show what they are doing. I suppose it's up to the individual really? Am I wrong to be discreet?

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