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Thread: Bruno no 2 .22LR - whats it worth?

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    Bruno no 2 .22LR - whats it worth?

    Hi All

    I am thinking of selling my Bruno no2 to upgrade to a new .22LR but not sure what its worth.

    The barrel has been cut down 16" then threaded and reproofed. Stock can be best described as like new (guessing it may have been replaced at some point in its life). It has the original metal 5 shot mag, original CZ mounts and shoots really well (1 pence size group at 50 yds no probs). Only slight let down is the barrel bluing which is showing its age and would benefit from a reblue.

    So what do you think its worth? Is 200 on the forum unrealistic?



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    The bigger question is what can you buy that will serve you any better than the old No2?

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    I'll second that question...~Muir

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    I advertised my CZ 452 with scope, mounts, Sak mod and slip for 175 on Guntrader. It was old but in excellent nick. I could've sold it ten times and perhaps should have put it on for a bit more.

    I know from very recent experience that "upgrading" from a rimfire that will shoot the groups you describe is not cheap and is pointless in some respects. I sold my CZ as I have the chance of a Sako Finnfire. However, I'm not really gaining much, if anything, in terms of accuracy. The Sako feels a bit nicer to me, but that's about it. I don't expect to shoot any more bunnies with it than I did with the old one.



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    You have two schools of thought and potential buyers to consider. Those who consider it almost a sin that the barrel has been cut but respect the build quality of the old No2's so might still be tempted and those who are looking for a good reliable bunny basher.

    IMHO the Model 2 is far better finished than the CZ452 which is why i ended up with mine. I had gone in to buy a new CZ452 then clocked this Mode 2 sitting int eh rack.. Looked it over tried the trigger and that was it. The new CZ452 went back in the rackk and the Model 2 followed me home. Better stock shape much ............................ much better trigger and in the tunnel range with ammunition it is fairly happy with even I can get 1" groups at 100 meters.

    Price wise check around the load shops and see what they are asking and judge it from there. One can always drop the price a bit but it's impossible to put it up once it advertised .

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    In my opinion the Mod.2 is a superior rifle than the new CZ452, so for me it would also be a KEEPER. !!

    Rgds, Buck.
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    First rifle I ever fired pure classic !!!!! keep it

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    i hav one bought in summer from stead hall went for sumat else! its also been chopped paid 200 hundred for will never sell it

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    Sounds about right. Another advantage of this rifle is the cheap trigger kit which is well worth fitting.

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