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Thread: Hannovarian Beauty

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    Hannovarian Beauty

    This is my Hannovarian Scent Hound. She is just over a year old and daft as a brush, but I am very fond of her. Training is progressing slower than I might have hoped but she is improving as she matures.
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    She looks good Redeye please tell us more about her??

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    Alright am I being stupid but that isn't a BMH is it? Is it just a bigger version. Do tell for the ignorant.

    Looks a wee cracker mind.

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    She is looking good ,where is she from ?

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    Where are you in Essex? Nice looking dog, please tell us more!

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    Hi Deer Man. I am near Colchester. In fact I believe I met you once when you saw the mighty Hubertus working a trail inn high summer.

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    Got her from Germany in October. I believe the law has changed now and it might be possible to obtain a dog like this from abroad without having to wait until they are nearly 12 months old.

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    I believe the Hanovarian is an older breed than the BMH and in fact was used to create other breeds such as the BMH. Correct me if I'm wrong somebody.

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