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Thread: Cost to thread a barrel for a moderator

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    Cost to thread a barrel for a moderator

    Hi guys

    Please can you advise the rough cost of threading a barrel for a moderator?



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    Had a .243 done recently 55

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    steve bowers about 120 + proof
    steve kershaw about 85 proof optional
    bloke down the road 50

    all prices i had quoted recently - went to the bloke down the road whose lathe/cutting tool wouldnt touch the case hardened R93 barrell - so he had to send it out and call in a favour - i paid 50. job was well done.

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    I paid 55 for my .22/250 to be threaded.

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    I paid Dasherman on the BBS 80 IIRC and it was a great job, and as well as being recommended to me by people I knew, it was Proofed as well.

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    mine was 60.00 per barrel, about par I think.

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    As far as I can recall if you have the work done for yourself and you don't intend to sell the gun then there is no legal requirement to submit the gun to re-proof.

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    The reason I asked was because there was a bargain rifle for sale but it wasn't threaded - but its gone now anyway!

    I'll stick to my original thoughts and get a Tikka.


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