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    Red face Successful stalk

    Just a quick note to say I had a very good afternoon with Jason From Munjacstalker, 1 buck about 300 meters from his back door then a doe later on after a longer stalk over some very difficult icy ground. Can't wait until the morning..!

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    nice going hope it goes well for tommorrow,atb wayne

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    you will be ok with jason plenty of munties
    atb tom

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    Write up.

    Tom, there's two less now...! Will try to do a write up tomorrow.

    Well now that I'm back in the UK I thought I'd better get round to my first write up

    I arrived at Jason's around 1330 on Tuesday, had a coffee, chat and got my stalking gear on. Jason suggested that as we had a lot of time we could see what was around the farm, we walked into the yard and looked the field at the back, there was a Muntjac doe grazing about 300m away, we set off hiden by the wood, crossed a ditch at the corner of the wood and she was about 75m away, now joined by a buck that was a little closer. Jason set the rifle up and told me to take the buck as it was a cull animal, he was stood broardside, squeezed the riger and he dropped, as we got to him it was evident that I'd come up a little high with a spine shot. Dispatched and gralloched my day was only about 30mins old.

    Jason took me for a tour of his ground, as we drove up the track we saw a further 5 Munty's, a bit further on there was a Gold Medal Buck and doe, then I began to loose count of how many we saw, but it was well into double figures. We then headed to a parcel of wood around a timber yard. we set off and realised that it was very crunchy under foot, so wouldn't be easy, within 5 mins we'd seen about 6 beasts but decided they were a little too easy so decided to carry on. Crossing a field with some very excitable bullocks we then entered the wood and walked the rides, that if not loud enough covered in leaves there was a nice coving of frozen snow to contend with. As we walked we saw a couple of animals under some laurel but they were skylined so we carried on. We then saw a doe about 200 metres away, edging our way down the vehicle tracks we edged forward as she took a diagonal route closer to us and crossing the ride. I set the sticks up and readied myself but every time se stopped she did so behind foliage, then Jason stopped her in a perfect position, I took too long and she was off again, then was hidden behind Beech trees just in front of me. I picked up the sticks moved backwards to a better position, Jason stopped her again, this time I was quicker and dropped her on the spot.

    The plan for the following day was to try for some CWD, unfortunately they were very reluctant to show themselves, we accepted defeat after about 2 1/2 hrs but I had had a fantastic day learning more about stalking and accepting that the previous day had been very good.

    If it's Muntjac you want you really should contact Mike or Jason, they'll find you more than you can point a rifle at. Jason thanks for a great couple of stalks I'm really please with my "DUCK and BOE....!"
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