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    the other Oil

    Hi there Guys

    Just thought you might want to know. when I put my guns away in the safe, I cover them in Caltex cutting fluid, the stuf you mix with water as a coolant in machines like lathes and milling machines.
    I dont mix any water I just use the oil straight up. my guns dont rust ever.

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    I hope if you are using copious amounts of the stuff you are storing the rifles muzzle down to keep the seepage from getting into the wood. The truth of the matter is that anything that keeps the air of of the metal will work to prevent rust.

    I once worked with a very good gunsmith whose rule for "oil" on fireams was to put as much on as you wanted but them wipe every bit of it off that you can. It only takes a few microns worth of oil to protect metal. Anything more than that might make you feel good but it will probably just run where yuo don't want it to and attract dust.

    A better solution to lots of oil is to keep a heat source (a small light, or commercial dehumidifier rod made for guncabinets) and some renewable dessicant in your safe. Much better for your firearms. JHMO~Muir

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    I use the Napier VP90 sachets. I got a coupon for a free sachet when I got a new Brattonsound gun cabinet, sent the coupon off and ended up receiving two free packs.

    It's supposed to give off a rust inhibiting vapour that is attracted to metal so hopefully it will be working it's way in to all those hard to get at places on the rifles.

    It's no substitute for a proper cleaning and oiling of the rifles but can't hurt having it in the cab.

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    Muir is absoluely right, a bit of heat works wonders, it keeps the water at bay.
    My cabinet is close to my central heating supply, my ammo safe is somewhere a lot cooler by the way, and any of my rifles/shotguns/air-rifles etc never have a spot of rust. A quick wipe over with an oily rag or silicone cloth, get the water droplets away and all is well.
    Don't overdo the oil, it splits wood, gums up triggers and might just burst your barrel in a worst-case-scenario (if you don't clean all of it away before firing that is).

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    The proof of what the guys are saying can be easily seen if you have a look at the forearm wood off a shotgun, just look around the edges of the metalwork, if it's a fairly old one you will see the wood has gone black. plus cutting oil is hygroscopic, it will pick up moisture.

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    I have just started keeping my "steel" guns in those long sock type bag things impregnated with silicon oil, got them from Bushwear.

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    Cutting oil also works in a chainsaw!

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