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Thread: Northants

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    Thumbs up Northants,oxon ,warks

    just wondering if anything happening in NORTHANTS ,oxon ,warks regions, anyone interested in a meet up ,venue ,date ect
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    Not alot then it seems, dont say i didnt ask

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    looking like your on your own normanomates

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    thats northants for you tony ,what if i said a days free stalking and free beer for the first ten replys

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    I would come along and we could peruse all my photos of 12 point red stags humungus fallow and gold medal muntjac heads then i could give them back

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    meet up

    Hi. I assume you refer to the Northampton branch of the BDS? If so I had contacted both the secretary and chairman (Husband and wife if I remember correctly) but had no response. The BDS web site says they meet on the first Wednesday of the month at Kettering. This info is a year old and nothing on the site seems to be upto date. Regardless of all that I would be interested in meeting up. I am new to stalking (see my intro/profile) but would like to meet up with others who are interested. Let me know if you make a plan. I would be coming from near rugby. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    just wondering if anything happening in NORTHANTS region, anyone interested in a meet up ,venue ,date ect
    About 18 months ago we did a Northants/Bucks/Oxfordshire meet.

    May be worth extending to more than just Northants. Depending on the date, I would be interested in coming.



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    If Warwickshire is included I'd be interested.

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    I'll be happy to meet up for a beer again Norma.

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    thats more like it folks wasnt thinking of a bds type meeting lol just a meet up and a beer /coke somewhere warwicks /oxfords more the merrier just need a venue that would suit us all

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