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Thread: Home Office Guidance to the Police on Firearms Law

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    Lightbulb Home Office Guidance to the Police on Firearms Law

    Latest 2015 Guidance

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Guidance_on_Firearms_Licensing_Law_v13.pdf 
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Size:	1,006.7 KB 
ID:	54688

    Previous Guidance Documents

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Guidance_on_Firearms_Licensing_Law_2013.pdf 
Views:	212 
Size:	1.03 MB 
ID:	34720

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HO-Firearms-Guidance2835.pdf 
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ID:	2439
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    The above link no longer works. This takes you to various publications, including the intended one-

    The most up to date version seems to be 2002 though. However I have heard that there were at least modifications made in 2009, such as the phrases like "and any legal quarry" now put on certificates. Does anyone know if such modifications are published?

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    That was a 'standalone' recommendation from ACPO FELWG to police licensing departments regarding the updating of the condition only.

    Details are on the BASC website but FYI here it is:

    The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Firearms and Explosives Licensing Working Group (FELWG) has issued advice that supports Chapter 13.14 & 13.22 of the Home Office guidance. It advised police forces to allow larger calibre rifles to be used to take lesser species i.e. where the primary reason for possession e.g. deer stalking was established, all lesser species such as foxes and pests could then be shot.

    This practice has been commonplace in Scotland for some time, and has not endangered public safety in any way. In June 2009 ACPO FELWG again advised forces of a new condition that can be used in place of the standard condition in Appendix 3 of the Home Office guidance. -

    The (rifle/sound moderator/firearms/ammunition) shall be used for shooting (Named Principal Quarry Species) and any other lawful quarry, on land deemed suitable by the chief officer of police for the area where the land is situated, and for zeroing on ranges, over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot. (Delete italics where appropriate)

    This identifies the primary reason for use e.g. deer/fox control, then allows “other lawful quarry”. Certificate holders are invited to apply for this condition from their local licensing departments.

    BTW. Not all firearms licensing departments appear to be aware of it!

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    Mine reads:
    the Rifle,Sound Moderator and ammunition shall be used for shooting foxes and deer[ in my case deer are the primary
    reason] and for zeroing on ranges or land over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot.

    The holder of this certificate may possess,purchase or acquire expanding ammunition,or the missiles of such ammunition, in the calibres authorised by this certificate and may use such ammunition only in connection with the lawful shooting of deer and the shooting of vermin or, in the course of carrying on activities in connection with the management of any estate, other wildlife

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    This link will work if you have Adobe reader
    Happy reading

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    None of the links in this thread lead directly to the Guidance - I think this link does...

    HTH Andrew

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    No, I'm Spartacus!

    I don't think the above link is the right Home Office document. This should work:



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    Thanks, I've attached it to the top post now so it won't matter if the links go out of date!


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    Mine is the same, except it reads deer and fox.


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    I bet cheshire wont accept the advice given they seem to make the rules up as they go along

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