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Thread: Bavarians are great

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    Bavarians are great

    Many on here have got good deer dogs, all of them cherished and loved, but I would just recount this weekend just gone as I am very pleased with Todd my Bavarian hound.

    His farther is from Polish stock and is/was the Polish Field trial champion. His mother is from a non working home, although both her parents were working from Poland.

    It is true what they say about the breed, they are very loving, gentle, kind dogs with their owners and most folk they meet. I was introduced to the breed by a good friend of mine who has a dog and bitch and is over the moon with their hunting and tracking abilities. Todd is so gentle with my grandchildren, I have no worries about him with them what so ever. But deer, well thats a different matter.

    This past weekend Todd, who is still less than 3 years of age, undertook 3 retrieves on three Roe, two in one morning. One in particular was a very tricky trail/hunt which resulted in the dog baying the deer and holding it in place. Without the dog we would have probably had a problem, but he performed so well it felt like I had won the lottery, I am chuffed to bits with him.

    It just goes to show that even at my age you still get excited and I am very much hooked on this breed, to me you cannot get a better dog for deer.

    One very very chuffed stalker


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    Sounds like you have a cracker there Malc.
    i fancy getting one but have 2 spaniels which are still working and no more room, oh and 2 kids , still even less room

    All the best

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    I presume Todd will be there on the Deer Day? I've only seen photo's of a BMH so it would be nice to see one up close.


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    Must be one hell of a strong hound to retrieve a roe deer back to its owner


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    Yes Mark H Todd is a very strong, intelligent dog. Thank you for pointing that out to everyone.

    Perhaps retrieve would be the wrong word to describe the events of last weekend, but I know what I meant and many others probably do as well, especially Nick and Andy who accompanied myself and Todd. This is what one would expect from a Bavarian, and keeping the breed true is to my mind the best way forward.

    I will admit that I personally do not agree with cross breeding Bavarians with other breeds, although some folk seem to think this is the way to go. All I can say is that having known of this breed for about 5 years and what they are capable of they are the deer dog for me. Thats my opinion and I stick by it!!

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    Do you find yours distructive, A friend of a friend in the South East has one, I belive it was one of the first in the UK.

    So far it has eaten the inside of his car, his Blackberry and Sav Nav.

    I didn't know if it was breed trait or he was unlucky.

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    I was considering a Bavarian as my next deer dog but was persuaded off the idea by a friend who is an out and out GWP man.

    I want a deer dog that will accompany me at heel during stalking and can be "let loose" to follow up a blood trail into cover.

    Is this possible with a Bavarian or are they more of a leave in the car while stalking and follow up using a tracking lead???

    I did notice that on the River Cottage Roe stalking feature that Jan Andrew's bavarian plodded away at her heel while stalking but is this uncommon?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben P
    Is this possible with a Bavarian or are they more of a leave in the car while stalking and follow up using a tracking lead???
    Doesn't sound like you should leave one in your car if you look at the post above yours!

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    Just to add
    After witnessing How todd worked at the week end i would rate him as 1 of the best deer dogs ive seen. He is absoloutly fantastic at what he does & after chatting with malc he has recieved minimal training. He accompanied us on every stalk over the weekend & obeyed every command. todd is a natural at what he does & spending all day & night with him in the field & home he makes an excellent all rounder.
    As Malc said he found & beyed 1 particular Roe & without him i honestly think we would not of found the deer.


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