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Thread: Scottish Borders DSC1 - Starting next week

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    Scottish Borders DSC1 - Starting next week

    The Borders College is starting a DSC1 course next week - runs on Tuesday evenings for 4/5 nights at Newton St Boswells. I have nothing to do with the course - so don't have a go about the late notice - only found out about it myself recently!
    No idea if there are spaces available - but the Short Course administrator at Hawick can tell you. 08700 50 51 52


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    not ideal to start a course on valentines night! also 290 is a bit steep - elmwood in fife are 175!

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    Take her with you ? Ive just bought mine a new company van !!!

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    I'll be picking a curry up on the way home - who said romance is dead?

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    Damn, wish i had known they had started running these courses in the borders....hey ho, i'll give em a bell and find out when the next course is.

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