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Thread: Latest Knife!

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    Latest Knife!

    Just posting a few knife blanks that I have made recently. 01 carbon steel, extremely sharp and tough! Though still need a clean up as working marker still evident in the pictures.Two different finishes...I like the forged look.I have set up a link later in this thread to show how sharp they are and am alos thinking of doing a 'destruction test' video too in order to show how the blade copes with abuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forrestfarrier View Post
    Cheers ,Makes hours in the freezing garage, cutting my fingers worth it ))

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    Now renewed my trade membership

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    Quote Originally Posted by chickenman View Post
    Now renewed my trade membership
    So how much is number 1 ?


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    great blades i got one a while back, will try to get a pic up of the finished article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the scudd View Post
    great blades i got one a while back, will try to get a pic up of the finished article.
    Thanks for the kind words and would be great to see a photo of what your knife looks like now you have finished it and if you have any feed back that would help in either designing a new blade shape,positive and negative points ect please PM me as it helps when designing a new blade etc.

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    Will the steel rust if put in contact with blood, unless patina coated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 308boy View Post
    Will the steel rust if put in contact with blood, unless patina coated?
    A very good question which I will address. 01 carbon blades are an extremely tough blade which hold an edge well. It is true that 01 carbon steel, due to its make up, will indeed rust if neglected. As stalkers, we all will religiously wipe blood and water off our rifles as we all know it can lead to rusting of the barrel. Some people forget their hardworking knife and sling it into the bottom of their bag, to be washed at a later date. Personally, I feel this is a bad habit and if we were truthful, poor practice. All that needs to be done to prevent a 01 carbon blade from rusting is to rinse under the tap and dry. If the knife won't be used for a while, then a light coating of oil would be recommended.

    It should be remembered that some of the finest blades are made from height carbon steel such as cut throat razors and even samurai swords which all must be treated with care. You will also see modern knives such as rays mears is also made from 01 carbon.

    About the patina, the 01 carbon steel will,over time develop a natural patina though this in itself will not prevent rusting. There are other solutions such as making knives from stainless steel but the cheaper stainless steels tend to roll on the edge when in use.

    I can purchase height grade stainless steel blanks but the cost is roughly double of 01 carbon.

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