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Thread: Hello to All, New member from Hertfordshire.

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    Hello to All, New member from Hertfordshire.


    Short intro...

    Male 40's country chap since childhood, shotgun certificate at 14 y/o, tractor driving licence at 16 y/o, now shooting 40-60 driven days per season! you getting the picture?

    Shot a couple of muntjac from high seats and (Thankfully)permission for more inc Fallow,Sika,Roe,Red,Muntjac & CWD.

    Have just got ticket for .17 hmr & .243 so need all the advice I can get as its a whole new world out there and could even be described as a minefield for those people like me who are new to firearms!

    Had a bit of a windfall this year so i'm shopping...

    Perhaps you could give me some much needed advice on the following kit?

    possibly a Browning T Bolt .17HMR Rifle, 2 extra magazines, Swarovski scope, mounts, bipod, sound moderator,sling, sleeve.
    A good quality .243Rifle, extra magazine, Swarovski scope, mounts, bipod, sound moderator, sling,sleeve.
    Swarovski EL 42 binoculars.

    what barrel length??do I want rangefinder capability and ballistic turrets? what bipod?whatmod? "all the gear no idea" springs to mind!!

    I would ask that your suggestions are based on top quality kit as I work on buy the best you can afford principle, not buy cheap buy twice!

    Thanks in advance for your advice and look forward to sharing a pint soon!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the site Nic.

    paying a lot of money does not always guarantee the best of kit as there are some very good marketing ploys out there.

    If you were absolutely certain that stalking is for you no question about it, then buying into some of the well known makes is probably the right thing to do.

    Rifle wise, if cost is no object then personally I would probably suggest a Sako. I have owned several. All very reliable and accurate. Currently have one in 308 and another older 591 away getting work done to it and will end up as a custom build. Some on here will probably suggest looking at Blasers. I have little personal experience of them but they are very different to a conventional bolt action and may not be everyone's cup of tea.

    If you really want to go for it with regards to a rifle, then a complete custom build with an action, stock, trigger, barrel and metal work can be completely built to you spec and cost probably from 3000 upwards. I have customised rifles a few times and they are a personal thing, built to your particular spec for a particular use. Perhaps over the top for a beginner, but a pleasure to own and shoot.

    Choose any scope from Zeiss, Swarovski or Schmidt and Bender and you will not go wrong. Again IMO for day to day stalking applications, I would go for a variable magnification between 3 or 4 up to about 15 power with either a 50 or 56 mm objective lens. It will cover all eventualities although some are against variables for beginners. Ballistic turrets are not necessary IMO out to 200yds. A roe or muntjac is a small target beyond that and for a beginner stretching it.

    One piece of advice I would offer is, get a range finder and go out on walks with it. Learn to judge distance if it is not something you can do already. You will not always perhaps have the luxury of being able to range a beast before a shot and it is important you know to shoot within your limitations and thatof your equipment .

    You are on the right site for advice from the members. I am no expert and but this the advice I would, and have given to friends that have approached me with the same questions. Some will disagree, others will agree. It,s a bit of a minefield.

    at least with something like a Sako or a scope made by the above, should you change your mind in the future, you will always have a market to move it on to.
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    Welcome to the forum Nic.

    Whatever your question youll find a wealth of advice, guidance and help on line.



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    Welcome to the forum Nic, its a great place to learn and make friends. Jamross65 has got of to a good start with some sound advice. I agree especially with the rangefinder tip, I'd add to use it over different terrain, across valleys etc as the perspective can throw your guesses well out.

    I use a CZ .17hmr carried as my weapon of choice when out feeding as its a solid reliable tool. When I was first talking about buying a rifle, a good friend now departed said that you buy a rifle, but invest in a scope, Incudentally, theres a good website for getting CZ extras such as magazines etc at

    You can trawl the shops for rifles, or contact any of the members here who are RFD's. Friends of mine have used member Trev, he's not a big dealer but he does like to help people get set up, and can search auctions for specialities or unusual kit, or get it new with full guarentees etc.

    Finally I'd say get some training towards your DSC 1. OK, yes, there's a little bias here, but the advice is sound - whichever training route you take, good luck and good hunting.


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