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Thread: dsc1 at calton moor cancelled

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    dsc1 at calton moor cancelled

    Well just got home to find a letter from NGO to tell me that the course next month at calton moor has been cancelled as there are not enough people on board to fill the course,what a joke after three months revising since october, is there anywhere else near to derbyshire where it can be taken asap?

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    donnington deersevices is close to you and i think they have a course in march,atb wayne
    Phone 01332 810757

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    thanks for that will give them a ring tomorrow

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    Mereside beat me to it/ Donington deer management - great service, did mine there!

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    Another thumbs up for Donnington, very good course.

    David stretton knows his subject and does some good larder gear too.

    Very interesting guy to talk to.

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    thanks for the replies, cant beleive how helpful people have been with getting another booking sorted, fingerws crossed if theres room i book an asessment with David Stretton at donington deer very helpful, also mike at jelen deer has offered me place today but its a bit to far to travel and stay over thanks to everyone for there help and advice

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    will you lose your deposit from ngo.
    if donnington deer are booked, mike at jelen, runs a bloody good coures with a very good pass rate.
    i did mine with him 4 weeks ago and all the candidates passed.
    it may be a trek, but worth the journey.
    i could give you details of a b+b in chilbolton, 5 mins from jelen offices.
    good luck with you dsc1.

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    thanks for that, mike offered today but its a long way to travel from buxton and i have a joinery & roofing contracting business to run as well, jelen are a top outfit, great online learning scheme, everyone has been really helpful after the dissapointment at the course being cancelled at such short notice after waiting since october, hopefully i will get a registration form from donington deer tonight and send it off, spoke to ngo this afternoon they sending full payment of 290 in a cheque next week, they said it was cancelled because there were only three people booked on and they needed 14, atb Dean

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